'Booksylor' Website for Connection Between Syrian Expatriates and Homeland

A Syrian Innovator has launched the first world website for connection between the Syrian expatriates and their homeland, media reports say.

Five months ago, BakkorQattanlaunched a website called 'Booksylor' to be a platform for disseminating culture and knowledge, sharing ideas and concerns  and facilitating connection between Syrian expatriates and their homeland.

He wants through this seven languages web platform to serve his homeland, Syria.

According to Qattan, 'Booksylor' website do not ask subscribers to enterpersonal information or telephone numbers.

"All posts in the website will be hidden till acceptance of friend requests," Qattan said, adding that the website will be provided soon with massaging apps, such as watsapp and viber .

710 subscribers

He made clear that the name of the website'Booksylor' consists of the word "book" and the first two letters from Syria and the first three letters from Lorraine region of France.

"The name combines east and west to be the first world Syrian Arab website."

Over 710 subscribers have registered in the website.

The innovator

BakkorQattan was born in Aleppo city in Syria and hehas been living in France since 1984.

He had occupied position of Innovators' Head in Nancy Lorraine city for six years and presented more than 1000 innovations.

Qattanhas received hundreds of French and international awards, most recently the French Industrial Ministry Award.

Basma Qaddour