Rehabilitation Project of Al- Hosn Citadel Complete

DAMASCUS,(ST)-a specialized team at the Directorate of Antiquities and Museums has finished the first stage of the  project of  repairing the Krak des Chevaliers",Al- Hosn citadel" having sustained  damages and attacks by the armed terrorist groups.

Dr. Mamoun Abdul Karim, General Director of Antiquities and Museums,  in a statement said that after the initial assessment of the damages, implementation of the first phase had been done and accomplished last month. The work included cleaning the castle of the remnants left behind by the terrorist groupings.

He indicated that all damages were authenticated by engineer drawings and pictures corroborating the situation scientifically. Besides, all stones that have collapsed were accumulated, sorted out and numbered to be repositioned in situ once the rehabilitation process goes on.   

The assessment included a contingency shoring up plan “tentative support” of the damaged parts which are susceptible to collapse in addition to monitoring all cracks within the walls resulting from the landslides.