"Sawa" and "Syria, the alphabet of the peace": two Documentaries about the Situation in Syria

"Sawa" and "Syria, the  alphabet of  the peace" are two  documentary  films by the Syrian journalist and  the  head of Zenobia initiative  Ilham Sultan. The short film "Sawa" focused on   the candidate's campaign of President Bashar al-Assad for the presidential elections in Syria. The film "Sawa", which  is directed by Waseem Badr and produced by the  Syrian television, narrates the  situation  of security and stability in Syria  before the crisis. The Syrians  are living a peaceful life before the coming of those terrorists  who practice  all kinds of terrorism against  innocent people in Syria  and cause the destruction  of the infrastructure of the country . But Syria with its  land, its Jasmine,  its brave  army and honest  people  have  bravely faced the evil conspiracy by writing  the grandest epics and legends of heroism,  Sultan said  in an interview with SANA cultural bulletin.

The film "Sawa" contains scenes of Damascus streets where you can hear the harmony of  the church bells and the  voices of minarets . Besides, the film includes scenes and pictures of the Syrian Arab Army championships and a number of  President Bashar al-Assad's meetings with  Syrians. The film "Sawa" ends with scenes showing   jasmine cultivation in Damascus streets, besides presenting pictures  of  Sawa  campaign  accompanied by  patriotic songs.

The second documentary  film is  entitled "Syria, the  alphabet of  the  peace" through which  Sultan seeks  to connect Syria's  past with the present days , noting that the oldest peace treaty in the world took place in the land of Syria, and this was  confirmed by the figures which were discovered in Tel Mardikh  at Ebla's  archeological site. In addition, the Christianity was spread  from Syria  and the true moderate Islam enshrined  in it.

Movie "Syria , the alphabet  of  the peace" is  directed by Firas Qannout . This film talks  about  the past of Syria as being the cradle of  civilization, and then it moves to  Syria's  present before being invaded by terrorism. But the important concentration  in this film is  on President Assad's saying:" the strong is the one who prevents  the war in his country but not that  who fabricates it."

"As for the important goals of the initiative  "Zenobia", we try  through it to do our  best to serve our  wounded country as much as  possible.  Through this initiative  we arrange for many  activities in most of Syrian  cities and the priority is to visit the wounded and to  honor the families of martyrs. Without any  doubt,  each wounded and martyred in Syria has a  story linked greatly  to the soil of the homeland." Ilham Sultan said.

"Another objective of our  Zenobia initiative is to link the Syrian in general and the child in particular with his  homeland, civilization and heritage. We encourage Syrian children to  adhere his Arabic  identity through  various activities and events such as drawing national  symbols and learn music and focus on the Arabic language." Sultan added.