Fall Season!

Summer passed quickly carrying its dreams, pains and hopes. The breeze of its evenings became a memory. Lovers long to those evenings, artists and intellectuals sing for them.

It is the time when nature takes off its beauty, fruits and its yellow leaves. Yes ...! Fall has come. You can imagine the dimensions of this word while you are feeling the movement of wind, while you are breathing the smell of dry dust; while you are watching the falling leaves and the sad farewell of swallow to warm countries.
It is the season of disparity. You feel neither warmth nor coldness. It likes a shudder that has no reason except feeling lost.
Clouds in our sky have great splendor. How beautiful they are on our hills ranging between white and black! They carry with them life, hope, fertility and growth. Thirsty people, dry valleys and springs, tops of hills and cracked lands are waiting for them.
Clouds run in all directions and our eyes follow them. We have a strong desire to touch and seize them with our narrow hands. Clouds are near and far from us. We want to catch and capture them but we cannot. They are mere a dream that enters our eyes. As soon as we understand and love this dream, it flies soon.
Let's give a warm welcome to our clouds in the season of hope. How far and near are they! We run behind them as a child who runs behind a small bird to catch it. What a difference between the foot of this and the wing of that!
Those clouds are the source of wealth and means of living.
My dear clouds come quickly and provide us with your drizzle and your shining fresh drops. Come and enjoy our sight with your beauty. Come.... ! We are waiting for you. We are very thirsty.
Sharif al Khatib