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Fadi Yazigi : Artistic Awakening

The dynamic and consistent development of the plastic art gave birth  to new tremendous and unprecedented  works of art created in different centuries, ages and civilizations .

In the works of renowned Syrian artist Fadi Yazigi we can feel the potential forces inherent in his artistic creations, transformed his canvas into an inner necessity and a need to communicate with what is beautiful in life and reality.

His works of different realms of art are carrying bright orange, dark blue, reddish and black colors is a well-organized course of solid architectural formations covering the whole area of the painting .

A multi faceted artist with a rich artistic creation, Fadi Yazigi speaks to each of his work varied between a statue of fried clay,  black wall  paintings made on  toile of cotton. He excelled in these sculptures which represent human forms playing with legendary or domestic animals. All these together form up his painting in expressive movements  putting  the viewer before an  experimental theatre.

The  artist 's burnt clay tablets reveal a mysterious link he had initiated  with  the cylinder seals of the  Mesopotamian civilization. One would also get the feeling  that artist Yazigi  work is  influenced  by the Roman sculpture  overwhelming  during the fifth and sixth centuries B.C.

Others would say, however, that Yazigi 's works are much in common  with the forms curved and painted on the ceramic or clay vases  of the Memluke era, of the 13th century A.D.

Fadi Yazigi who was born in Lattakia in 1966, studies art in Damascus.  He graduated  from the Damascus fine arts faculty and since his graduation  in 1988 he has been working with total commitment as a full-timer artist with artistic works manifesting his responsibility and his smooth colors to depict a poetic environment.

Artis Yazigi embarks on using  different techniques in his works.  He paints  on canvas or newspapers, and makes relieves . He then develops his very own personal technique  in each and every paint , thereby his talent is evident and clear in each of his artistic creation.

Yazigi had numerous exhibitions in the Middle East, Europe and the USA, selling to collectors all over the world. His paintings are also sold in  London and Dubai, at  Christie's and Sotheby's auction art  houses.

Besides the many art exhibitions at the Damascus Ayyam Art gallery,  he had several art exhibitions in Dubai and London. In 2007 he had a three month stay in London, hosted  by the " Delfina" foundation where he had a presentation  at the national gallery museum .

Highlighting his artistic experience, Yazigi said that though he started art endeavors since his graduation from university, but the moment of truth for him was  when he was exposed to foreign artistic exhibitions in an interaction with other genres of art at  Ayyam Gallery which he joined since its first days  in 2006. He said that  Ayyam Gallery which is dedicated  to campaign for the promotion of talented and best plastic  artists in Syria, the Middle  East and world wide, gave him the guideline and  the helping hand  to get relaxed devoting all time to art while still feeling socially secured and financially luxurious .

On how to be one 's own in art , he indicated his past artistic experience when " my world is my  atelier. I used to come up with elements resembling my own world. My characters  were more inclined to pessimism, however with a little space for a dream represented in a white color or in the big head of the child..

Now with the new outlook to life with the new vision and a new matured phase created by not only knowing one self but others ' experience, " I have become an integrated part, part and parcel, of the beautiful world of art . Art for all". 

He added that with Ayyam  galley 's devotion in seeking  to encourage and support a new generation of artists  through conducted a research based incubator for the most talented young and experimental artists of the region,  He could have exposure  to world artistic schools, enabling other Arab and foreign artists to become familiar with the Syrian plastic art and varied artistic experience.

For artist Fadi  " My generation of plastic artists were influenced by giant predecessors , including among others  Fateh al-Mudarras. Elias Zayyat and Nazir Naba who had been the guideline for motivating us in the path of producing a special art of special characteristics."

He indicated that the experience of Ayyam Gallery as an art sponsor  should stimulate the Syrian sides concerned , especially the ministry of culture to give a helping hand for the 1500 Syrian plastic artists   and refine the talents of the emerging generations of Syrian artists, adding that this can be done not only  through being  confined to the annual Autumn's art exhibition held at Damascus 's national museum  or to the very frequent art exhibitions held at the Damascus al-Chaab art gallery.


Tomader Fateh