Qamar Kilani, A Heritage Of Literary Works


Syrian writer Qamar  Kilani  is well known as one of the most prominent writers in Arabic literature.

Kilani, famous for her short stories, novels and researches, was a member of the Executive office of the Arab Writers Union and was Editor in Chief of the magazine "Al Aadab Al Ajnabiyah" (Foreign Literatures). Moreover, she was a member of the Syrian National Commission for UNESCO.
Kilani was born in Damascus in 1928, where she received her school and college education. She graduated from the Arabic Department, University of Damascus in 1954. Kilani later earned a Diploma in Education from the same university and taught at the Teachers Institute in Damascus.Most of her literary researches  had been studied in famous Arab and Foreign universities.  She also wrote articles in three Syrian journals "Al Baath","Tishreen" and "Al Thawra".

 In 1962, Kilani embarked on her writing career, and began writing about the phenomenon of Islamic Sufism. She monitored many literary and poetic phenomena in Arab history and highlighted the achievements of leading Arab thinkers and men of letters.
Kilani was an avid champion of the women's cause; especially in the field of creativity, and stated early on that women's literature is characterized by delicatness, transparency, and deep feelings. Kilani's literary writings are characterized by their intensity. In the field of studies she published: "Islamic Sufism", "Usama Ibn Munkith" and "Imro' Al Qais". Her short story collections include: "A World without Boundaries", "Hunters and the Game of Death", "A Woman Made of Fear", "Confessions of a Little Woman", "The Station", and "Travelling Papers". Furthermore, she wrote a number of novels including:" Moroccan Days", "The Howdah", "The Cherry Garden"," The Fire Bird", "The Ghosts", "The Vortex", and" Love and War". Qamar Kilani  was chosen  to be a part of "Who's Who Amongst Arab Women" because of her  endless efforts  to spread knowledge with her writings .She is a distinguished  example for the future journalists and writers of Arab women all over the Arab region and worldwide.

Her name was listed in a number of Arabic and International Encyclopedias especially the encyclopedia of  the most famous writers in 20th century.

Syrian writer Qamar Kilani has passed away on Friday, December 2, 2011, after a long struggle with illness.


Maysa Wassouf