Al-Halqi Praises Arab Intellectuals's Role in Defending Arab Nation’s Heritage

DAMASCUS, (ST)_ Prime Minister, Dr. Wael al-Halqi, stressed the important role played by the Arab intellectuals in revealing the reality of conspiracies and challenges facing the Arab Countries.

Al -Halqi, during a meeting the Arab Writers Union executive bureau head and members, appreciated the role of writers' in consolidating national values and defending the heritage of the Arab nation.

Premier al-Halqi hailed the role of cultural centers in the Syrian rural areas as a gate to spread the culture of awareness, tolerance and citizenship in light of the imported takfiri thinking which aims at destroying the human and eliminating anyone who has contrary opinions.

The Prime Minister said that the government exerting big efforts to solve economic, housing, social, education, services and health issues in a bid to reduce the impact of the unjust economic sanctions which negatively affected the Syrian citizens.

“Syria is open to all initiatives that lead to achieve security and stability and carry out reforms without any foreign intervention or dictates which undermine the national sovereignty and the Syrian citizen's dignity,” He added.

For his part, Hussein Jumaa chairman of the Arab Writers Union, pointed to the efforts exerted by the union members to uncover the conspiracy which aims at fragmenting Syria and its national unity.

Jumaa stressed the Arab writers' keenness and calls for solving the crisis through dialogue among all spectrums of the Syrian people in a way that preserves Syria's security and stability.


Ibrahim Zaaboub