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"Woman in the world cinema" festival opens

The cinema festival opens today at Kendi hall, Damascus.

The 16-day event is organized by the Public Establishment of Cinema.

The event is held under the title "Woman in the World cinema" at 5 p.m.

The opening movie will be "A Child is Ridding The Bike" directed by Jack Peirre Dardand and Luc Dardand. This film won the prize of Cannes International Film Festival.

Many other famous  films will follow, and the woman plays starring role in most of these films.

Three films will be shown per day starting from 1:00 p.m, 3:00 p.m till 5:00 p.m.


Monday 26-11-2012: Ms. Mannifer, The Smile of Monalisa, The Memories of Geisha Girl.

Tuesday 27-11-2012: Dirty Water, Courage, Amelia.

Wednesday 28-11-2012: Gigi, Julie And Julia, White, Pink  Grotto.

Thursday 29-11-2012: Connie And Carla, Charged, Horror Room.

Friday 30-11-2012: Good Woman, Elizabeth, My Life In Pink.

Saturday 1-12-2012: Glass House, Being Julia, Hours.

Sunday 2-12-2012: Anna Caranina, Man Going To Executions, Cause 39.

Monday 3-12-2012: Dance At Lunaza, Alternative Mother, St.

Tuesday 4-12-2012: Angel Eyes, Doubt, Eight Women.

Wednesday 5-12-2012: Summer of 1942, Ladies' Lavender Perfume, Nikita.

Thursday 6-12-2012: Disabled Girl, Neil is Wild Girl, Sylvia.

Friday 7-12-2012: Danger Relations, Ive Khor, Peggy Sue Got married.

Saturday 8-12-2012: Misery, Monsoon Wedding, Diamond Eye Tear loss.

Sunday 9-12-2012: The Prince and the Dancer, Tender is Must, The Train of Lover.

Monday 10-12-2012: Another Wanton Girl, Heat of The Body, I and the King.

Maher Taki