Fortifying museums a must,says Moushaweh

Damascus,  (ST) The Budget and Accounts Committee at the People Assembly discussed the  SP285mln plans and projects of Tourism Ministry which are proposed within the investment budget for 2013, as well as the ministry's various activities for maintaining the identity and enhancing the cultural and moral values as well as protecting heritage which is one of the most basis of national reconciliation.

The committee members calls for  increasing the funds allocated  to the ministry stressing the necessity of establishing a satellite channel concerned in the Syrian culture and enhancing cooperation relations with the Ministries of Education and Higher Education so  as to foster a generation aware of their rights and duties.

Minister of Culture, Dr. Lubanah Moushweh clarified that there is an executive program the ministry is working to achieve stressing d that the ministry has fortified the museums that still have all their contents .

The minister went on to say that the Ministry through the Directorate of Antiquities and Museums is working to protect museum collections and guarding the archeological sites pointing to the difficulties  facing the work especially that Syria has 10 thousand archaeological sites some of them are noted  on the world heritage list and others are noted  as part of the national heritage list.

Director General of Antiquities and Museums Directorate, Dr. Ma'moun Abdul-Kareem said that the directorate has taken measures which are universally recognized as accurate and strict measures to maintain the great relics which are scattered over the entire territory of the country Indicating that a huge number of the  pieces are hidden in order to be immune from the dangers that they may be exposed to according to the current circumstances.

Dr. Abdul-Kareem Called for  introducing an academic article on archeology to  the educational curricula and to appoint the graduates  from the colleges and institutes of archeology within  the Ministry of Education to teach this subject .

Amal Farhat