Protecting antiquities a must

The General Directorate of Antiquities and Museums on Wednesday hold a symposium at the Damascene Hall in the National museum.

The symposium discusses the evaluation of  Antiquities and the strategy of protecting them during the ongoing crisis in Syria.

The general director of Antiquies and musumes. Dr. Mamoun abdul karem discusses the statues que of the Syrian museums.

"the explosions that hit the national museums of Aleppo and Der ezor, the Western wall of National Museum in Hama, Folk Tradition Museum and Medicine and Science Museum (Argoni Bermarestan) resulting in material  damages", affirmed Abdul Kareem.

In addition, some 17 ancient pieces had been stolen from Ga'bar citadel,

Non-original pieces and  ancient pieces from the Dura-Europos museum.

 Safety procedures:

It is worth noting that museums were equipped with alarm devices and  most of the museums' funds were in safe .

The researcher Nazer Awad talked about  damages of :

Al-Zahrawi palace, al-Madek citadel, al-Husun citadel, Aleppo citadel entry and Sheizar citadel.

Safety strategies:

A strategy has been  adopted by the General Directorate of Antiquities and Museums to protect heritage from thieves  by increasing the number of guards and activate the police's role.


Hanan Shamout