Syria Calls for Interaction among Civilizations to Serve Humanity

BEIJING, (ST)- The Syrian delegation participating in the dialogue forums held within the Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations, currently held in China, presented work papers dealing with the civilizational and humanitarian dimension of Syrian Arab culture and with the importance of interaction among civilizations to serve humanity.

In a speech, member of the Syrian delegation, Director of Al-Assad National Library, Eyad Murshed, talked about the Asian civilization, which since the down of history, has presented a leading example to mankind in elevating the value of human beings and in laying the bases for cooperation among peoples as to face the forces of nature and exchange knowledge and trade. He pointed out that Syria has granted the civilization in Asia and the world the first alphabet, the first musical note as well as the oldest libraries in Tel Mardiekh.  

Syria Takes Part in Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations in Beijing

BEIJING, (ST)- Syria is taking part in the Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations which was opened Wednesday evening in Beijing with the participation of 48 countries.

The conference aims, according to the Chinese President Xi Jinping, who opened the event, at providing a platform to consolidate the "cultural foundation" of jointly building a community with a shared future for Asia and humanity. This can be done, according to Jinping, through treating each other with respect and as equals; appreciating the beauty of all civilizations; adhering to openness, inclusiveness, mutual learning; and keeping pace with the times.

The week-long event includes an opening ceremony, panel discussions, an Asian culture carnival and Asian Civilization Week involving more than 110 activities to showcase the diversity and charm of Asian civilizations.  

The Syrian delegation to the conference is led by Assistant Culture Minister Tawfik al-Imam and it comprises the Syrian Female Oriental Band, Raqqa Folklore Band, violin player Nisreen Hamdan, who will be a member of the Asian orchestra in addition to opera singer Aoun Ma'rouf.

In a statement to reporters, al-Imam said that the historic relations between the Syrian and the Chinese peoples are the biggest incentive to enhance bilateral ties, particularly in the cultural domain.

He added that Syria's participation in the conference aims at laying bridges of communication among peoples, boost openness on others' cultures, exchange knowledge and expertise and consolidate the quality of relations between countries.

The Old Homs Festival

Homs, (ST) - Marking the five-year anniversary of the liberation of the old city from terrorist gangs, a message to the whole world that we will never abandon our history and civilization and we will counter vandalism with reconstruction,Homs Governorate today hosts the Old Homs Festival which will last until  May 11th

The three-day festival includes sporting events, concerts and entertainment events for children of martyrs, orphans and sons of Homs.

The festival will also include several cultural activities, the most important of which is holding poetry and musical evenings, as well as  the opening of a photographs exhibition of paintings representing  the ancient city of Homs.

Participants in the Festival stressed that  they are peace-seeking people, and they will rebuild the Syrian country on the basis of coexistence and amity, both Muslims and Christians.”

Documentary Exhibition of Painting and Mosaics in Hama

(ST) - As part of Hama Spring Festival, Al- Azem Palace in the city hosted the Documentary Exhibition of Painting and Mosaics with the participation of three artists who exhibited more than 150 paintings that varied between oil paintings and mosaic paintings showing  Hama environment, old neighborhoods and heritage professions in the city.

Abdul Qader Farzat, director of Hama Department of Antiquities, said that the event which was held in cooperation with the city council, highlighted works that dealt with different historical stages that mimic the Syrian civilization, ancient heritage and natural paintings, pointing out that the city council has presented 65 documentary photos of the old neighborhoods of Hama.

"Peace Makers" Association in Lattakia Carries Out Campaigns Aiming at Preserving Syria's Cultural Heritage

"Syria is home to some of the most advanced ancient civilizations in the world, so the Syrian heritage is rich and diverse and preserving it is our common duty," Miss Rawan Issa, Head of the Heritage Program of the "Peace Makers" civil society association in Lattakia, said.

On the sidelines of the "Our Heritage" campaign held recently by the "Peace Makers" association marking World Heritage Day, Miss Issa told Syriatimes e-newspaper that "heritage is a basic part of the national identity which the ancestors left for their society. Heritage is very important to understand the history of every homeland”.

Highlighting the ten-day campaign’s main objectives and activities, Miss Issa made it clear that the campaign included a number of activities and interactive dialogue sessions carried out by the association's artistic, engineering, intellectual, medical, educational  as well as its habits and traditions voluntary teams.