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Syria-Donbass exhibition of documentary photographs opened in Moscow

The Department of National Policy and Regional Relations in the Municipality of Moscow has opened an exhibition of documentary photographs entitled "Syria Donbass" as part of the international project "Terrorism, a threat to human civilization" with the support of the Syrian Arab News Agency SANA, Russia Today and the Russian Writers Union.

The exhibition, which was organized in cooperation with the Presidential Administration of the Donetsk People's Republic, the Presidential Administration of the Lugansk People's Republic and the Rossar Foundation, included paintings by Russian painters and children and photographs given by SANA documenting the scale of the destruction caused by the Terrorist organizations to hospitals, schools and economic infrastructure in Syria and also depicting the destruction, victims and suffering due to the war in the popular Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk.

Muwashah Journey from Andalusia to Sham

Long exhausting years of war had passed before Damascus could witness such a gathering of many music gurus from all over the world.  Azm Palace in the heart of Old Damascus hosted  the second day of the demonstration “Muwashah Journey from Andalusia to Sham” organized by “Ain El Foun” foundation, under the patronage of Ministry of Tourism. It was a musical celebration of Muwashah (Andalusian classical chants) with the participation of singers and musicians from Spain, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Lebanon and Syria. The concert included an amazing program with an opening piece entitled "Sayed Darwish" composed by Hussein Sabsbi.

Calligraphy: a manifestation of Sufism

Damascus (ST)_ The Arab Cultural center in Damascus hosted a calligraphy exhibition, entitled "Letter and color manifestations" by Alia Al-Nouaimi. The Exhibition included 33 calligraphic paintings presenting the beauty of Arabic letters. It celebrates calligraphy as one of the most powerful artistic forms for highlighting the brilliance of written symbols reflecting our national heritage taken from Sufism.

The aim of this Exhibition is to shed light on calligraphy as an indigenous element to be used in contemporary design with geometric forms using Sufi quotations to express spirituality.

"Damascene House" world of magic behind the door.

The urban organization in Old Damascus was an inspiration for the cities around the world, and a model that has influenced the modern homes and restored the ancestral heritage. The magic city of the East has always enjoyed a distinguished position in all the successive empires, from the Roman Empire to the Ottoman Caliphate.

Many historic houses in Damascus are still occupied to this day! What distinguishes these houses from others are the paintings that decorate their walls. These houses have been turned today into beautiful museums, cultural centers, restaurants and heritage hotels, where visitors and tourists enjoy the splendor of these houses.

Opening of the Museum of Agia Sofia Church in Sednaya

His Holiness Patriarch  Yusuf Al-Absi, Patriarch of Antioch and all the East for the Melkite Greek Catholics opened yesterday  the Agia Sophia Church Museum in the city of Sednaya in Damascus countryside. The museum includes hundreds of manuscripts, gospels, holy icons and dozens of archaeological church tools.

The museum also contains a number of archaeological manuscripts, the oldest one dating back to 1602,it  includes religious rituals.

Rami Zahr, the official of the media center in the museum, talked about the efforts exerted in documenting and restoring of the museum's collections in cooperation with the Directorate General of Antiquities and Museums.