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Syrian film “Niqab al-Rooh” wins three international awards in Italy

Syrian film "Niqab Al-Rooh"  ( The Veil of the Soul ) for  the director and author Alaa Shukri Al-Sahnawi won three international awards at the ONIROS   Film  Awards  in Italy..

The ONIROS Film Awards is an international Monthly and Annual IMDP qualifying competition based in Saint-Vincent, Italy, celebrating films and filmmakers from all around the world.

Concerning  the awards and their classifications, Al-Sahnawi said in a statement to SANA that the film won the Best Film Award and another prize  for the Best Screenplay and the award of  Best Soundtrack within the ONIROS  Film Awards.

Eleven Male and Female Artists & Sculptors- Pulse of Art 2020 at Julia Dumna Hotel, Damascus

With the participation of eleven artists and sculptors from different ages, an art forum entitled “Pulse of Art 2020” was recently organized by the Ministry of Tourism, in cooperation with the Julia Dumna group.

The three-day gathering at the Julia Dumna Hotel aims to shed light on cultural activities, contemporary Syrian plastic art and the distinguished works of artists, especially following the terrorist war on Syria and the Corona pandemic, as evidence of the return of life to the Syrian street, according to the exhibition official Renan Sha’ban. She indicated that since 1999, the Julia Dumna group has offered to host exhibitions and cultural and artistic gatherings, to introduce Syrian artists and their creativity, explaining that the chosen place of the exhibit was  in front of the hotel to allow all passers-by and those interested in  artwork to view the exhibit.

The Cultural Center of Abu Rummaneh presents a Russian film on terrorist crimes in Libya

The Arab Cultural Center in Abu Rummaneh presented the new Russian film ( Shogali) which shows the reality of Western-backed terrorism, war and chaos  in Libya.

After the film screening, a group of Syrian political figures  and artists held  a two-hour  seminar to discuss the film.

The events of  Shogali film tackles the story of the illegal arrest of the Russian sociologist Maxim Shogali and his translator Samer Suivan in a prison in the Libyan city of Mutaika for a year ago, while they were conducting a serious study on Libyan society to know what is happening in this country.

Levantine Andalusian Manuscripts- Tale of Arab History

Al-Assad National Library boasts tens of thousands of manuscripts, dating back to different ages that have been collected and gifted from Syrian and Arab libraries in various kinds of knowledge.

Preserved in al-Assad Library, researchers have revealed only part of this cognitive and qualitative treasure. To this end, academic researchers are hosted at the Library that holds continuous symposiums, the last of which was The Manuscripts and their Cognitive & Cultural Role.

Should we mess around with our memories...To Create Art?

Arabian coffee dregs wiping out memories

Faten Sallameh, a Syrian artist whose artistic crafts have such an attractive exquisite feature and strong aroma, yes you have heard it well: aroma. An aroma that conquers all the visitors of Faten Sallameh’s house, which must hide, in the crooks of their memories, the masterpieces of Arabian coffee grinds.

Usually desperate housewives use coffee residue at the bottom of their darkly traced cups as fortune telling signs. However, Faten Salameh, a housewife, far from being desperate, has shaped her fortune by the usage of Arabian coffee leftovers in a very innovative way. She transforms that transient domestic material to artistic masterpieces, forming marvelous sceneries with black coffee scraps on a white blank solid surface, not only are the colors paradoxical, but the concept as well_ altering a perishable substance to illustrious artistries.