“Washington's Long War on Syria” ... A book by a Canadian Researcher

Washington’s long war on Syria”, by Stephen Gowans, is probably the most important book on   the terrorist war in Syria,   between 2011 and 2016, which is still ongoing.

The book tells the true story of the Syrian people and their struggle for independence and development as well as truths that are so deeply hidden in western countries..

Stephen Gowans paints a very clear portrait of   the forces that tried to interfere in Syria and documents the hostile extensive efforts to dominate it   since the end of the Second World War…

The heroes of her stories are young ... Aqeela Muhammad is a new writer who pursues her way in children's literature

The stories of parents and grandparents have motivated the writer Aqeela Muhammad to achieve a dream  she had longed to reach  when conditions allowed her to issue her recent collection of stories for children . She wrote her stories with the utmost love and passion and her lines include simplicity, imagination and dreams

Writer Aqeela clarified that three years ago, her passion for writing began, but as soon as she took her first step, so many opportunities were available to her, the first of which was with Osama magazine, which used to be her  childhood  companion and had a great impact on her generation. Her happiness was great in every text the magazine agreed to publish.

Ali Muhammad Wins Al-Sharjah Award for Arab Creativity

The story collection "Sixteen Braids" of  the Syrian Ali Ammar Muhammad won the first place in  Al-Sharjah Prize for Arab Creativity in the category of  best story collection for the year 2019-2020.

"The braid symbolizes the woman. The protagonists  of my stories are all women and my story collection raises and discusses many issues that concern women in general and eastern women in particular, including  early marriage, the widowed woman, and violence against women." Ali said to the Syria Times e-newspaper.

He went on to say:" I challenged myself as a man and tried to get deep into the woman’s heart and mind and to understand her feelings. I tried to think exactly as she thinks and feel the way she feels, then I wrote about all of this from my point of view".

"The Roses' lover"… First Publication of a Blind Poet

The female, with her splendor, vigor and narcissistic tendency, has topped the texts of the first collection of the blind poet Mazen Al-Kurdi.

Al-Kurdi poem collection, which he signed at the Cultural Center in Homs in the presence of a crowd of writers and those interested in cultural affairs, included forty-five poems adopting prose style with sentences ending with one letter, which gave the poems a musical rhythm with metaphors that Al-Kurdi had imagined with his insight and emotions turning these poems into artistic images full of beauty and creativity.

The talented poet explained that "The Roses lover" which is a symbol of the female with all the meanings of giving, love and hope is but a summary of his experience, each poem recounts the story of a woman that had passed through his life, as the mother, the wife, the beloved, and the motherland.

A book that documents history and heritage of the Syrian city of Qara

In his book "History and Heritage of Qara City", recently published by the Syrian General Organization of Books, Syrian writer Abd al-Rahman Mahmoud Haider presents valuable information about an important aspect of the city's history, heritage and environment. 

The writer divided his 366-page book into nine chapters. The first includes a historical and archeological review on the city. It mentions the archaeological places of Qara, such as the Roman canals, the city's bath and the Cave of Sofia, while the second chapter talks about the city's natural geography, climate, water, farms, home water wells and irrigation and drinking water projects.