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New book by Czech writer on Queen Zenobia of Palmyra

PRAGUE, (ST)- A new book, published recently in the Czech capital Prague, has depicted the life of Queen Zenobia of Palmyra.

The 385-page book, titled "Zenobia, the Queen of the Syrian Desert",  was written by Czech writer Jiri Tomek and it gives details about Queen Zenobia who ruled Palmyra between 267-272 AD.

The writer said in his book that Zenobia was wise and educated .She was  also a beautiful, brave and highly ambitious woman.

“We Have a Life in Imagination... A novel depicting the bravery of our valiant soldiers in Raqqa

In his novel, "We have a life in imagination", the wounded hero Azzam Ahmad narrated some stories of heroism and steadfastness that he had lived through with his colleagues in the Syrian Arab Army in the city of Raqqa in 2013 and 2014 . 

Azzam, who works as a civil engineer, confirmed that writing the novel was intended to convey the true image of the events of that period, indicating  that the name of the novel came from the fact that our valiant soldiers "have lived through very strange and difficult imagination-like events as they were waging the fiercest battles against the Takfiri terrorism."

During the signing ceremony of the novel, the wounded writer narrated, through a documentary film, about the legendary steadfastness and the heroism of the Syrian Arab Army soldiers and the honorable people of Raqqa who supported the Syrian Army men against the Takfiri and terrorist gangs.

Reading Marathon is an initiative to encourage reading online

HOMS, (ST) - The reading marathon, which was launched on social media seeks to encourage electronic reading, especially in light of the current circumstances within the procedures to prevent corona virus.

The marathon is being held by the Fraternity Association “young forever” in the town of Sadad in Homs countryside for the fourth year. It headed to the virtual world this year where its idea according to Abla Al-Hayy who is responsible for the association, is that each participant reads one book daily and shares their input about the useful and positive content of the book with other participants.

Al-Hayy said that the participation in the marathon is open to all, where the participants are divided into two categories, children and adults. The proceedings of the marathon will be used to purchase computers for students as this is the  aim of the association.

" A blood stained love".. A story collection, women are its protagonists

The newly released " Blood stained  Love" by writer Fatima Al-Khadour, raises and discusses several social issues that mostly concern woman and depicts her suffering.   

The collection includes twenty different stories, but there is a common factor that combines them, which is the human emotion that affects many events and simulates reality and reflects its various consequences.

Al-Khadour adopts clear and sound language committed to the rules of storytelling and the plot is dramatic , which contributed to strengthening the work and making it stick in the memory  of the individual and the issues that matter in society. 

The stories have also raised some critical issues of marital infidelity, divorce, falsehood, economic status, and other matters that affect the cohesion of society in addition to the writer's focus on the health role of the social environment.

The Syrian Publishers Association provides 1500 books as a gift to the Ministry of Health

As self-isolation amid the coronavirus pandemic  continues , people are looking for more and more ways to entertain themselves. The easiest way to do so is by escaping into a book.

The Syrian Publishers Association has provided  nearly 1500 titles from the publishers' books as a gift to the Ministry of Health.

The association pointed out  in a statement , which SANA received  a copy  ,  this initiative comes to support reading in these difficult circumstances to present it to the people who are placed in quarantine centers , which were equipped by the Ministry of Health.