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Syria's Struggle Against the French Occupation in A New Book by Ihssan Hindi

The last stage of the French occupation of Syria, which lasted for nearly a quarter of a century, was the bloodiest, as this colonialist thought that committing more crimes against the Syrian people would make them give up their demand for independence.

Historian Dr. Ihssan Hindi presents, in a new book he reviewed and commented on, entitled "France's aggression against Syria, May-June 1945, by the Unknown Soldier", examples of the  occupation’s terrorist attacks against unarmed Syrian civilians since March 1945, as the crimes of the occupation were confined to remote villages and public roads before they included cities, to reach its climax in the aggression of May 29 of the same year.

The First Complete Syrian Translation of The Novel, "Les Misérables" Issued by the Book Authority

There is no fictional work that has gained so much popularity, despite the sadness and misery it contains like the novel "Les Miserables",  by the French writer Victor Hugo. It was considered the most important among his works, which were about fifty. Many writers were inspired by its plot as it appeared dozens of times on stage and on film and television screens.

Despite the importance of the novel, it was not fully translated into Arabic except once in the 1950s by the late Lebanese writer and translator Munir Baalbaki. Later on, short versions of it appeared in Arabic with fragments of several chapters. Now the Syrian General Book Organization is presenting the second complete Arabic translation of "The Miserables" which is the first of its kind among the publishing institutions in Syria.

“Creator, Creation and American Wars against Arabs and Muslims in the 21st Century" a new book by a wounded retired Syrian officer

 Brigadier General Hashem Hammad Jdid reviewed in his recently published book “Creator, Creation and the American Wars against Arabs and Muslims in the 21st Century" the   wars, colonization and conflicts which targeted the Arab and Islamic nations over a period of about three hundred years.

The 600-page book pointed to the negative effects of these wars and conflicts on national and Arab thought reaching   the terrorism of the current era  ,which aims at  killing and destruction .

During the signing ceremony of the book  at Tartous governorate building , the writer Jdid  told reporters  “ the preparation of the book began in 1985 and were completed this year.  The book  is an important publication now in redirecting  regional and national awareness of  the new generation which has been subjected to  a lot  of colonial wars and repeated crises." 

(Breaking news) .. A novel by Nidal Al-Saleh narrates the story of the terrorist war on Syria

The new novel (breaking news), by the writer Dr. Nidal Al-Saleh, deals with the unfair war against Syria, especially the terrorism that Aleppo has been subjected to, which destroyed two thirds of the ancient historical city. 

The novel narrates, through the story of two young men, an engineer and a university professor, who were brought together in a military unit to remove mines, the history of the war against Syria, especially what happened to the city of Aleppo because of terrorism, where terrorist organizations have wreaked death, theft and vandalism in the eastern half of the city, and the western half suffered from the shells of their hatred, so people lost the reassurance in addition to their hectic efforts to prevent food and water from reaching to the people of Aleppo.

A New Book Marks the Centenary of Maysaloon Battle

Wathiqat  Wattan  Organization in cooperation with  “Dar New Dalmoun”  for  publication and distribution  recently issued   a new book under the title “The Centenary of  Maysaloon  battle in commemoration of  the Hero Martyr Yusef al-Azma"  marking the battle’s  centenary  . 

The 258-page  book, whose introduction was written by Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban, Chairwoman of the Board of Trustees of  Wathiqat  Wattan  Organization , includes information and  documents before  Maysaloon battle and during it.