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Homs hosts its first book fair specialized in the Syrian and translated novel

Homs, (ST) - With the participation of several Syrian institutions and publishing houses, the city of Homs is hosting the "The Syrian and Translated Novel" exhibition, held for the first time. The exhibition hosted by the Al-Irshad Publishing Library Gallery in Homs, is held in cooperation between the Culture Directorate and the Arab Writers Union Branch in Homs.

The director of Al-Irshad Publishing House, Abdul-Jabbar Al-Jandali, told SANA that the idea of holding the exhibition stemmed from the interest of the majority of readers in the novel and story and the impact of the economic situation on their passion for reading. This prompted the organizers of the exhibition to launch an event that satisfies the reading audience's passion and at the same time takes into account their economic circumstances.

Al-Jandali explained that the displayed publications include Syrian and translated novels by the Arab Writers Union and the Culture Directorate, with discounts exceeding 50 percent, stressing that the high turnout for the exhibition led to a one-week extension with the increase in discounts for novels.

The Head of the Arab Writers Union in Homs, Abdul Rahman Al-Bitar, said that the idea of reading would not end despite the great challenges that it faces, which motivates us to support the segment of readers and increase their number. "The exhibition has a certain specificity because it is specialized in the novel, which is one of the important literary genres in the development of language and intellectual movement. It is close to readers and deals with general issues in a manner based on dialogue and smooth narration, in contrast to the scientific method of research", he added.

Two prizes to Syrian authors in Abdul Hameed Shoman Award for Children's Literature

The two Syrian storywriters, Rawa'a Sonbul and Hassan Abdul Basit Al-Judi, won the second and third places in the Abdul Hameed Shoman Prize for Children's Literature in the field of "The fairy tale" for children catergory between 4 and 7 years for the year 2020.

About 1,600 storywriters from different Arab countries participated in this Award which was held in Jordan. The two stories, "Dumdum, the Cloud Maker" by Rawa'a and "Maymoun's Khartoum" by Al-Judi, acheived the highest number of terms of conditions for participation in the Award, by adhering to the appropriate content for age group, and achieving creative and artistic requirements with appropriate language. In addition to forming a world based on dreams and fantasies that include inherited or modern elements, creating a place where events take place, with strange or exotic characters disconnected with real life, having their own laws.

Creative People of Different Nationalities and Specializations in a Series Directed to Young People

The series “ I will be one day “ recently released dealt with the lives and careers of  a  group of creative people of  different nationalities and specializations.  

The series adopts a realistic storytelling method recounting the biographies of writers, scientists, philosophers, thinkers and mathematicians. It explained how these people  turned into creative people, overcoming all the difficulties and harsh circumstances that befell them and even their academic delay, providing lessons and experiences to be an example for our generations so that they do not fail.

Translated book depicts “Wars on Syria”

A book written by French author and researcher Michele Rimbaud has disclosed the reasons of the war on Syria and highlighted the aspirations of Syria’s enemies to build their glories on the ruins of other peoples. The book is titled “Syrian Wars” “Les Guerres de Syrie”.

The 368-page book was published by the Syrian Book Organization.

The book, which was translated by Syrian author and researcher, Dr. Lubana Mshawweh, uncovers the wars waged by the United States, Britain and France in the Middle East, highlighting their covert support for terrorist organizations and militias that aim at undermining the region to serve these countries’ interests.

The book also reveals the aggressors’ strategies of oppressing other peoples, their support for Zionism and their calls for false democracy through various methods managed by the Zionist intelligence.

Story collection “When I decided to kill my wife” sheds light on suffering due to terrorism

The story collection “When I decided to kill my wife” is  the early work of the writer Kifah Razzouk. . Its short stories shed light on the methods of conspiracies and terrorism that Syria was exposed to, based on the reality he lived in,in his hometown in Idlib countryside.He  compared what the homeland provided to its sons to the crimes of terrorism.

The story collection that  that the author titled “When I decided to kill my wife” tells in detail what the author, his wife and some women were subjected to in terms of being pursued by terrorists and attempts to kidnap and attack homes where the women preferred to die rather than being kidnapped by terrorist organizations.

The author, Razzouk, in his other story, “The Cry of al- Mukhtar”, sheds light on contradictory social situations, the most dangerous of which are selfishness and self-love, indicating that no country can advance except through love, truth-telling and social solidarity.

While the story of “Gifts wrapped with curses” criticized many flaws and made many observations and combined the style of the story and the novel.

The story of “The jar” monitored the parents' disappointment with their children after their great fatigue with them, the shock of disappointment and the yielding of some sons to the conspirators and leaving their families to suffer.