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“Syria in the Confrontation of the Terrorist War” a book documenting the steadfastness of the Syrians

In his book “Syria in the Confrontation of the Terrorist War”, Syrian writer and researcher Nabeel Fouzat Noufal documents the steadfastness of the Syrian people and leadership in the face of the most heinous war ever waged on a country.

The 242-page book highlights the importance of leading intellectuals in an honest and patriotic manner addressing the issues and crises facing their societies, away from personal interests.

Noufal’s book explains the causes and nature of the war on Syria and the forces that have participated in the aggression on the country, represented by the United States, the Zionist entity, the Turkish regime and others countries as well as by terrorist takfiri forces and mercenaries. It also clarifies the role of some European countries in fueling this war.

The book also documented Syria’s confrontation of terrorism and the support provided to Syria by its allies such as Russia, Iran, the Lebanese National Resistance and some national forces with aim of fighting terrorism.

Syria in Confrontation of the Global War" published in Persian

Tehran (ST): The Cultural and Artistic Institute affiliated to the Documentation Center of the Islamic Republic of Iran held a celebration for publishing the Persian copy of a book titled "Syria in Confrontation of the Global War".

Written by a group of Arab writers and intellectuals and supervised by vice president Dr. Najah al-Attar, the book authentically documents an important and critical stage in the in the history of Syria and the Arab region as a whole. The book casts light on the unfair terrorist war that aimed at killing  Syrians, displacing them, destroying their country and ending the resistance axis in service of the Zionist entity and foreign hegemony plans on the region.

A new book highlights media’s role in spreading terrorism

The new  book  entitled  “ Extremism and Propaganda in the Syrian War”  recently released by researcher Dr. Mazen Khaddour  focused  on the role of  media  during the war on Syria in  spreading the  phenomenon of extremism with the aim of using it  as a weapon against  Syrians.

Dr. Khaddour told  SANA,  during  the signing  ceremony held at  “Sheraton”  Hotel in Aleppo,  that the book’s chapters  focused on  the academic and theoretical research  in addition to field research that dealt  with analyzing the content of a number  of satellite channels. The book   concluded  with a set of results, the most important of which is the great role  played by propaganda  in spreading  extremism  during  the war  waged against  Syria.

Suleyman Haddad signs his part II-Biography

Former Assistant Foreign Minister and Ambassador Suleyman Haddad signed the second part of his diary 'Paths Paved with Pain ’ at Abu Rummana Culture Center in Damascus on December 12.

Syria Takes Part in the Fifth Virtual Arab Publishers Association Conference

 The Syrian Publishers Association will participate in the fifth virtual Arab Publishers Association (APA) Conference, which will be launched on Tuesday under the title "Creating Industry and Challenges".

The two-day conference, organized by the (APA) in cooperation with the Arab League for Education, Culture and Science, will broadcast its activities via an electronic platform for the APA.

The conference will discuss the definition of content, its importance, benefits, types, the impact of piracy on its industry, Arab experiences in this regard, and content marketing in light of the current crises afflicting our region as well as challenges which content faces.

The Syrian participation is represented in a work paper due to be submitted by Haitham Hafez, President of the Syrian Publishers Association on the second day of the conference.

The work paper will deal with working out plans to help the book industry overcome the current circumstances and the difficulties resulting from them in the marketing process and reaching the reader, especially since Syria has important experience in this field.

Hafez, who is also head of the Professional Development Committee at the Arab Publishers Association , explained in a press statement that this conference brings publishers together and raises their problems, aspirations and suggestions to overcome all current or future challenges, especially since the book printing process has not stopped.

He pointed out that many publishers have benefited from the recent period in that they had time to arrange their affairs and review a lot of literature and books, expressing their adherence to publishing literary works of writers, scholars and intellectuals and caring for culture.

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