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“The Two Twins-My Mother And Syria” .. The first novel experience of the writer Siham Youssef

Siham Youssef, born in 1961, was educated in the schools of Malikiya and Qamishli. She moved to Sweden in 1978. She worked as an Arabic teacher in the schools of Bucherka. She then got the certificate of a sworn translator from the University of Stockholm and still works as a sworn translator in Swedish-Syriac Arabic to the official departments in Sweden. Several articles have been published in the Syrian newspaper al-Watan and the Syrian website al-Rai.

“The Lost Lesson from the Arab-Israeli Struggle” by Dr. Rizk Elias…

==The October Liberation War confirmed the validity of the theory that the late President Hafez al-Assad adopted in preparing for the war…

==President Bashar al-Assad has placed the issue of the liberation of Golan at the forefront of the national priorities.

  A 525 page long and eight chapter book titled "The Lost Lesson from the Arab-Israeli Struggle, written by Dr. Rizk Elias" has been recently published by the Syrian Ministry of Culture - the Syrian General Book Organization.

Mohammad Kurd Ali's Plans of al-Sham

The Ministry of Culture recently honored Syrian writer and thinker Mohammad Kurd Ali, who founded the Arabic Language Academy one hundred years ago, by publishing his book titled "The Plans of al-Sham" which was written in 1925. The six volume book presented a detailed study of the history of Syria. The first volume deals with the history of Syria from the dawn of history until pre-Islamic period.

In the second volume, the writer casts light on the Islamic periods until the Ottoman occupation of the Arab Homeland.

The third chapter was devoted to deal with the division of Syria Proper (Syria, Palestine, Jordan and Lebanon) between Britain and France according to the ill-famed agreement Sykes Picot in 1916. He also talked about the appearance of Zionism refuting the allegations of Zionist leaders about their right to establish a national homeland for the Jews in Palestine.

The fourth volume sheds light on the literary and social aspects of life in Syria, especially fine arts and acting.

Then he casts light on farming, industry and trade in Syria. He underlined the importance of the geographical location of Syria as a main factor for the flourish of the economic life in the country.

Historical topics about Lattakia .. A book that documents ancient relics of its history

Damascus, ST- Historical topics about Lattakia is the title of the book recently issued by the Syrian General Book Establishment by   the researcher Khaled Fattahi. The book talks about the ancient relics in Lattakia, its history and the industries that the city is characterized by.

The 264-page book deals with many poems, in addition to miscellaneous news to interest the reader. The writer also mentioned at length the history of earthquakes in Lattakia.

Bilderberg Group: Syria on the Agenda!

Browsing Internet; I deliberately, discover a statement made by former Cuban president, Fidel Castro, referring to a clandestine group having supremacy on the most powerful and influential personalities in the World; as well as dominance over almost every industrial, financial, economical, and political leading sector.

it was like a bang. Driven by my strong  sense of curiosity, I  researched that secret group, all fingers where pointing at an award-winning investigative journalist who has been researching the Bilderberg Group for over 17 years, Daniel Estulin.  He is the author of La Verdadera Historia del Club Bilderberg (2005), a bestseller in Spain, where he is based.