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A book that documents history and heritage of the Syrian city of Qara

In his book "History and Heritage of Qara City", recently published by the Syrian General Organization of Books, Syrian writer Abd al-Rahman Mahmoud Haider presents valuable information about an important aspect of the city's history, heritage and environment. 

The writer divided his 366-page book into nine chapters. The first includes a historical and archeological review on the city. It mentions the archaeological places of Qara, such as the Roman canals, the city's bath and the Cave of Sofia, while the second chapter talks about the city's natural geography, climate, water, farms, home water wells and irrigation and drinking water projects.

2000 literary, scientific and social publications within a book exhibition at Al-Baath University

Homs, ST- More than 2000 diverse books were included in the book exhibition  that was opened  recently in the hall of the College of Science at Al-Baath University with the participation of "Dar Al-Huda" for publication. The exhibition forms an opportunity for students to research  various books due to the diversity of  displayed publications, which included scientific, literary, cultural and social books, as well as references that interest students from various specializations.

Kabi Ibrahim, head of the Culture and Information Office at the Student Union Branch at the University told SANA that these exhibitions come in response to the students ’need to obtain books and references that are of interest to their specialties and at reasonable prices for them, pointing out that the exhibition included all kinds of books that students need in their study. This, in turn, contributes to activate the "reading process" for the younger generation, who unfortunately have moved away from reading in light of the rapid access to information via the internet.

In turn, Tarfa Abdul Rahman, director of Al-Hoda House for Printing and Publishing, indicated that their participation in such exhibitions at Al-Baath University has become a periodical activity that consolidates the existing cooperation between the university and publishing houses in general to provide new publications of   books and references that interest students and teachers alike.

Student Aghiad Junaid pointed out that the exhibition constitutes a wide space for the student to obtain cultural, medical, social and philosophical books that interest him, considering that books are the most reliable reference for him, as he finds the real information in an atmosphere of pleasure and benefit.

In turn, student, Dima Abdel-Hay, who likes to read non Arabic  and Arabic novels,  confirmed that she used to visit all book exhibitions at the university because it saves time and effort especially that the prices of books in these galleries are often suitable for us as students,  in addition to the availability of all the required university references.


“Sentenced to Hope” …Finally in English

Yes, you were right “We are sentenced to hope”, more than two decades after ­Wannous’s death, his plays retain their ability to surprise and connect with audiences.  

It was March 1996 when the first Arab author was invited to give the World Theatre Day address. While Saadallah Wannous’s message was read out on stages around the world, the renowned Syrian playwright was fighting cancer. He died the following year, aged 56.

The raven says: “Love runs like a rabbit and separation walks like a turtle; this is how children tell the story”

Actually this is how Basem Suliman a Syrian writer and poet tell us his own stories, carrying our souls toward a wonderland that is full of animals but does not resemble “Alice in Wonderland”. He explains that his “use of animals and animal activities is a metaphor for considering animals as a cultural datum, whereas typically humans are the only source of cultural evidence.” 

Even using the word “Raven” as a penname is clear testimony of his philosophy as regarding animals as a source of inspiration and a projection of human experience. Many references to ravens exist in world lore and literature. Because of its black plumage, croaking call and diet of carrion, the raven is often associated with loss and ill omen. Yet its symbolism is complex. As a talking bird, the raven also represents prophecy and insight. Ravens in stories often act as psychopomps, connecting the material world with the world of spirits

More than 280 books published by the Syrian General Book Authority

Damascus, ST- Since the beginning of the year, the Syrian General Book Authority  has issued 282 books in the fields of literature, arts, translation, children's literature, research and political thought, as well as participating in 17 exhibitions in various governorates.

As part of the Authority’s preparations to develop a work strategy for the coming year that would achieve further development at the level of the periodicals issued by it and the directorates affiliated with it, its board of directors held a meeting yesterday headed by Dr. Thaer Zainuddin, Director General of the Book Authority.