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(Syria from Military Victory to Societal Reconstruction) by Moroccan politician Ali Boutouala

The spokesman for the Arab Progressive Front, Dr. Ali Boutwala, described Syria's steadfastness and victory over the multi-state and multi-national aggression as a historic achievement. 

In an article entitled “Syria from the military victory over the international coalition to societal reconstruction,” Dr. Boutwala stated that the US administration has resorted to escalating the economic war against Syria. 

Dr. Boutwala stressed that the Syrian leadership, just as it succeeded in managing the war with skill and intelligence, will succeed in pulling the country out of destruction by adopting economic intelligence.

"President Al-Assad Honorable Chapters from the History of Steadfastness" by Lebanese politician Najah Wakim

Damascus (ST): Head of the Lebanese Political People's Movement, Najah Wakim, considers that over the past  twenty years, the fiercest political battles have been taking place in the region, during which Syria was like a Stalingrad of this war.

Wakim sheds light, in an article he included in the book "President Al-Assad, Honorable Chapters from the History of Steadfastness," on a stormy era in Syria's current history, the key events that have taken place in the Arab region from 2000 until today, and the steadfast Syrian position regarding  the Palestine question and the right of return.

Former Lebanese Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour: (The Leader of Syria and Its Destiny)

Dr. Adnan Mansour, the former Lebanese Foreign Minister, wrote an  article entitled “The Leader of Syria and Its Fate” published in the book “Leader Al-Assad, honorable pages from the history of steadfastness “.

Dr. Mansour focused on studying the terrorist war on Syria based on the reality of the conflict in the region and the plans of the American administrations to impose their agendas and achieve their interests.

Dr. Mansour began his article with a forward-looking vision -  that Arab and foreign historians will pause for a long time as they consider the most dangerous and darkest periods of contemporary Arab history.

"Tim" ... A novel by the Australian Colleen McCullough depicts thorny love relationships

Readers of world literature know the Australian novelist, Colleen McCullough, through her most famous novel "The Thorns Birds", which was made into Syrian and international dramas and was considered one of the best-selling books in Australian history.

The Syrian General Book Authority  now allows its readers to be acquainted with a second work of this novelist, who died six years ago, by translating her first work, published in 1974 entitled "Tim".

"Tim" portrays the story of the developing relationship between a woman in her mid-forties named Mary Horton, and a handsome, simple-minded young man, Tim Melville who illuminates the darkness of Mary's days and shatters her lonely ordered life with his boyish innocence.

The novel, translated by Yasmine Hawat as part of the national project for translation, deals with the dimensions of this relationship, where Mary lives in a struggle with herself over the legitimacy of this love, her dealings with this gentle outcast  and how she saved him from the cruel world.

Syrian General Organization of Books republish paper version of stories for children

The Syrian General Organization of Books republished the paper version of a variety of stories for children within the framework of “Our Children” book series issued by the Directorate of Children's Publications. Some of these stories were written by talented kids and some others were translated from world literature.

These stories highlight different topics with educational and humanitarian values, with the aim of enriching children's linguistic skills and developing their artistic and aesthetic taste.

Besides stories, the Directorate of Children's Publications of the Book Organization issues interesting magazines, such as “Osama” and “Shama”, and provides a diverse monthly library for children, that includes reading and drawing, aiming at enriching their knowledge and education.