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Syrian General Book Organization translates “The Man of Forty Riyals” novel by Voltaire

The novel “The Man with Forty Riyals” by the French writer Voltaire, recently published by the Syrian General Book Organization, presents an example of the literature of this author, which mixed the critical character with the skill of photography.

This novel tells of a man who owns land that gives 40 riyals each year, but the French royal government is demanding that he  pay half of this amount because it sees itself as a partner in it.


The novel has a satirical style presented within a wonderful and interesting philosophical pattern aimed at defending human freedoms, human dignity and equality between human beings. Voltaire also presented crimes that occurred in his time that were caused by religious intolerance.

Voltaire, whose real name is François-Marie Arouet, is one of the great figures of French literature and one of the pioneers of the Enlightenment in the world. He had a great impact on Western thought in general, and was characterized by the abundance and diversity of production.

The 112 pages novel was translated by Dr. Adel Daoud, who was born in the city of Aleppo and is an assistant professor in the French Language Department at Al-Baath University. He also translated many books and published “The Syrian Luqianus” book.

Inas Abdulkareem