“The Absurdity of Politics, Testimonies of Real Events” a new book by researcher Mahdi Dakhlallah

Damascus (ST):  “The Absurdity of Politics, Testimonies of Real Events” by the researcher Dr. Mahdi Dakhlallah casts light on the transformations of the contemporary international system in order to reach a new system to replace uni-polarity.

Dakhlallah pointed out in his book that the struggle against imperialism requires real action at all levels, especially the economic one, and that power is not just a means, but a culture and a state of consciousness, noting that the Europeans act on this basis.

The book talks about the beauty of Damascus because it contains the beauty of history. It is the steadfastness, and it is the city that has been looking forward to glory and greatness since time immemorial.


The writer followed the realistic and applied approach, in the presence of sincere sentimental affection, to work on linking the relationship between the book and the recipient, through international and Arab events.