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A new book about the prominent personalities of Houran through the ages

Daraa (ST): The many civilizations that Houran region witnessed through the ages and the intellectual and political figures that gave birth to it were the focus of the book recently published by  researcher Nidal Muhammad Saeed Sharaf during the period extending from the Amorite era in the third millennium BC until 1950.

The book dealt with several titles, ranging from the prehistoric man in Houran, through the Arabs in the Levant, the Amorites, the Canaanites and the Aramaic, to the characters of ancient civilizations, the princes and kings of the Ghassanids, and the end of the characters who struggled and supported the resistance against the Zionist occupation.


In a statement, Sharaf said, “ Houran was known for the richness of its plains, the fertility of its land, and the abundance of its grains, and the civilizations that have flourished on its soil. On the other hand,  many personalities who entered history arose in its plains. They were kings, leaders, poets, scientists, philosophers and thinkers. From this point of view, it was necessary to highlight these characters.”

He explained that Houran gave birth to engineers who excelled in designing the Hourani country house, arches, canals, and city walls, such as Oj bin Anak, Porphyros and Philip the Arabi.

According to Sharaf, the people of Houran had an active role in the spread of the Christian religion, as missionaries, monks, metropolitans, and authors of religious sermons such as the Ghassanid princes, the monk Buhaira, Sateh and Peter.

After the Islamic conquest of the region, scholars, jurists, poets and great personalities appeared, such as Imam Al-Nawawi, the author of many classifications, Ibn Kathir, the historian, the interpreter, Ibn Al-Qayyim Al-Jawziyya, the poet Abu Tammam Al-Ta’i and the physician Abi Al-Najm Al-Shaqawi.