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Well-Established Syrian Author Dr. Nadia Khost honored within the Syrian culture days

The prominent writer Dr. Nadia Khost was and still is one of most distinguished literary and intellectual figures in Syria whose literary works were associated with the city of Damascus, the cradle of ancient history. She belonged to a generation which was imbued with the culture of belonging and national identity .


The author ’s name in the world of literature has been established since the sixties of the last century among the great literary and intellectual names in Syria.

The writer Dr. Khost, who was one of the six honored within the Syrian culture days, is famous for being at the forefront of contributors in protecting the architectural identity of Damascus, as she became involved in its defense committees inside and outside the old city wall and in the protection of some Damascene houses, including those of Fakhri Al-Baroudi and the martyr Youssef Al-Azma and Al-Akkad.

Dr. Khost is a member of the committee that established the protection system for Old Damascus, the Damascus governorate Council, “Youssef Al-Azma” Museum Committee, the Association of Graduates of Educational Institutions in the Soviet Union and the Commonwealth of Independent States, and the Higher Committee for Supporting the Palestinian People against the Zionist Project.

The author Dr. Nadia Khost, who was born in Damascus in “Sarouja” neighborhood and studied in its schools, said “Since my childhood, I have heard about the high-educated and enlightened personalities who lived in our neighborhood mainly Fakhri al-Baroudi, the first architect and painter in Syria, Tawfiq Tariq. I was lucky to meet several prominent writers who encourage us to read ancient and contemporary literature”.

The great writer graduated from the Faculty of Arts at Damascus University and obtained a doctorate in Comparative Literature from Moscow University. She contributed in various forms of creativity in the field of novels, short stories, theatrical text, research and studies.

 During the nine-year brutal war on Syria, her literary production did not stop .She published during those years papers from the years of the war on Syria in 2014 and the open war in 2018, in addition to the plays of the war on Syria in 2015 and immigrants at sea 2017 and a safe area 2018.

In a previous statement to SANA, Dr.Khost reflected that that the focus during the terrorist war on Syria was on the media war that had started before the military war through a media invasion from abroad in an attempt to undermine the Syrian state’s foundations and principles, stressing the role of intellectuals after the war in strengthening Syrians’ national principles and resisting the takfiri terrorist ideology.

It is worth mentioning that the writer, Dr. Nadia Khost, is a member of the Arab Writers Union and received the State Appreciation Award in 2016.

Rawaa Ghanam