Book Fair at Tishreen University Under the slogan "Culture for All and Spreading the Culture of Reading"

In the Central Library of Tishreen University and in cooperation with the branch of Arab Writers Union, Lattakia branch, a book fair was held under the slogan "Culture for all and spreading the culture of reading".

Dr. Muhammad Basal, head of the Arab Writers Union, Lattakia branch, said: In cooperation between Tishreen University and Arab Writers Union branch, an exhibition was opened for the Union’s publications, which include several fields, including: literature, art, science, and others. There are theatrical texts, novels and poetry collections, in addition to philosophical, historical and social studies.

He added: The importance of the exhibition comes from its symbolic prices, which allows all students the opportunity to buy books. The price of a book is 200 pounds in the exhibition, and this is equivalent to photographing only two papers in the photography center.


As for the books in the exhibition, they were prepared with high quality and exceed 300 pages in each book, at a price of only 200 Syrian pounds. In addition, they were published in the Arab Writers Union, and this requires compliance with standards, readings and audits, as confirmed by Dr. Muhammad that there is a great demand for the exhibition, and this confirms the idea of students rushing to read, but the obstacle is the price of books in libraries, so the exhibition allowed them to buy a large number of valuable books.


Lama razzouk