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The novel "Rassas in Old Homs" by Issa Ismail is translated into Russian Language

The cultural section of the Russian Coordination Center chose the novel "Bullets in Old Homs" by the writer Issa Ismail to be translated into the Russian language, where the International Culture House in Moscow will publish it.

The novel sheds light on the crimes committed by the armed terrorist organizations while they were in the neighborhoods of old Homs in 2013, when they detained hundreds of citizens and assaulted their property, honor and dignity.

In a statement to SANA, Ismail expressed his happiness for choosing his 130-page novel to be translated into Russian, indicating that he wrote about the crimes of terrorists in the Old City, according to eyewitnesses  who described how the kidnapped were slaughtered and how the Dutch priest Francis Mandrulecht, who holds Syrian nationality, was assassinated.His novel ends with the  expulsion of terrorists from all over Homs.


Love was also present within the  the novel, where the writer narrated the story of a young man and a young woman, two lovers who were studying at the university and separated by war. The terrorists kidnapped the young woman, where they tortured and raped her. Finally, she managed to meet the young man she loved in one of the temporary accommodation centers, where the writer lets the reader imagine the end.

It is worth noting that the writer Issa Ismail was born in Arqaya, Homs Governorate, in 1958. He has published several stories and novels and won a number of prizes in the field of short story. He is a member of the Arab Writers Union and a member of the Society for Story and Fiction.

He was appointed editor-in-chief of Homs-based newspaper Al-Ouruba.

Amal Farhat