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A new book on "Tourism Crisis Management"

The tourism crisis and  means of recovery and overcoming this crisis are the most important themes addressed by the Palmyrian researcher, Dr. Muhammad Saleh in his book "Tourism Crisis Management" which is considered the first book published in Syria in this field after it was published in Europe in the English language.

The book, which is about 200 large-sized pages, is the first book of its kind in Syria that analyzes and addresses tourism crises, their causes and the strategies for recovering from them at this time.

 In a statement to Homs-based newspaper Al-Ouruba, the writer clarified that the book discusses the types of tourism and its weaknesses and strengths. It also focuses on the importance of sustainable tourism, which is considered a tourism product that can be relied upon in times of crisis and outside of crises, noting that in his book he also talks about strategies for resolving the tourism crisis that Syria is going through and how to recover from it.

The book contains testimonies of international experts and personalities specializing in the field of tourism.

Amal Farhat