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(Syria… Struggle of Leader and People) an article written by Tunisian researcher and politician Mohamed Zuhair Hamdi

“The Syrian Arab Army has formed an ideal model for strong national armies and has a deep rooted relationship with the national sovereign project”, with this vision Tunisian researcher and politician Dr. Muhammad Zuhair Hamdi begins his article titled “Syria .. The Struggle of a Leader and a People”.

This article was published in the book “The Leader Al-Assad Bright Pages from the History of Resilience” issued by the Syrian General Authority for the book.  In the article, Dr. Hamdi sheds light on the importance of the military establishment to protect national achievement. He  stressed that the Syrian Arab Army in the war it has been fighting  since 2011 to this day proved that achieving victory and preserving the state and its sovereignty as well as establishing an economic project cannot be accomplished without an ideological military establishment that believes in the values of the state's national project.


Dr. Hamdi noted that Syria enjoys an intellectual, cultural, political and strategic importance in the Arab nation. Syria has gone through a number of challenges that have affected the process of independent development, self-sufficiency and non-indebtedness. Syria believes that there is no meaning for an independent political decision without this process in order to achieve economic and social liberation and self-reliance as an alternative to foreign aid and loans, and to fulfill the basic needs of the population.

Dr. Hamdi indicated that with this vision, Syria has succeeded in securing the needs of its people in the most difficult circumstances. It has also succeeded in establishing a model of strategic foreign relations based on participation not on hegemony. This enabled it to confront imperialist aggression and enabled its allies to move forward in changing the balance of power in the world and ending unipolarity.

In the axis "Foreign Policy in the Service of Syria and the Arab Nation”, Dr. Hamdi pointed out that Syria worked to establish an economic partnership with every Arab country wantingthis at the official and popular levels.  It opened its borders to Arab citizens and students, as it was a homeland for the displaced Palestinians, in addition to supporting all resistance movements. It established distinguished regional and international relations with Iran, Russia, China and the countries of Latin America, which gave it a large importance at the external level and which played pivotal role in the great Syrian victory.

On the axis “Syrian steadfastness is one of the factors of the collapse of unipolarism and the continuation of the resistance project on the Arab and international levels,” Dr. Hamdi believed that Syria was one of the most important targets of the Zionist imperialist aggression and one of the most important forces that confronted it and foiled many of its goals as it refused to obey the demands of the American administration in the region and abandon the axis of resistance. It also played a very important role in the victories achieved over the occupation in Iraq and Lebanon, as well as confronting all the wars of the Zionist entity against the Palestinian people.

He emphasized that the barbarism of the war that was launched against Syria reflects the aggression forces’ awareness of its pivotal role in foiling their project and their desire to remove it to impose the “deal of the century” and annihilate  the Palestinian cause. He pointed out that Syria, thanks to its leadership and the sacrifices of its army and people, has managed to gain the confidence of all international and regional powers that reject American hegemony and turn a path of war into a global confrontation whose centre is Syria.

The Tunisian researcher considered that the reconstruction project in Syria is a historical, political, cultural, economic and military alternative that rebuilds the Arab self.  It is a national development project that achieves human dignity for the people, sovereignty for the homeland, social justice, sovereignty and participatory democracy.

Dr. Hamdi concluded his article on the axis “Undermining repercussions of aggression and moving towards rebuilding” by saying: “The Syrian people and all free Arabs and the world are looking forward to the end of the aggression against Syria, which is represented in the Turkish and American occupation and their terrorist tools.  The biggest factor in this victory is the awareness of the Syrian leadership represented by President Bashar al-Assad for the reality of the battle and its goals since its beginning,  which is manifested in dismantling Syria and destructing its army and institutions. Syrian president rejected this and will not give them in negotiations what the aggressive forces failed to do in the war.

It is noteworthy that. Dr. Mohamed Zuhair Hamdi is a professor of law and has a master's degree in sociology. He is one of the founders of the popular movement in Tunisia in 2013 and currently its secretary general. He is one of the founders of the Arab Progressive Front and a member of its Executive Committee.


Inas Abdulkareem