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Writers Union: Launching projects documenting war on Syria

Launching intellectual and literary projects documenting the war on Syria and promoting cooperation between relevant institutions and ministries inside and outside the country were the most important topics discussed in the press conference held by the Arab Writers Union at its headquarters in Damascus on Monday.

Dr Mohammad Al-Hourani, Chairman of the Union, spoke during the conference about the foundations and components of work during the next phase according to the concepts and pillars on which it was built, pointing to the need to enhance the role of culture in society.


Al-Hourani indicated that the Union launched a project to document the heroics of the Syrian Arab Army and the people in the face of terrorism, in addition to printing books that reached the union from prisoners in the prisons of the Zionist occupation. He stressed the role of the literature and culture in confronting projects of normalization with the enemy.

Al-Hourani noted  that there will be weekly activities and festivals and cooperation with Iranian literary and cultural institutions to hold festivals and cultural activities.

Al-Hourani said that the Union will focus in the coming period on expanding cooperation with all segments of society, especially the popular ones, and involving them in the Union’s activities. The Union will increase communication and coordination with mass media  due to its importance. It will also shed light on Arab cultural figures, in addition to revitalizing relations with writers' unions in Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Palestine, Algeria, India and China, and expanding relations with them.

After that, he responded to the journalists' questions that centered around the necessity of preserving the Arabic language and limiting the usage of local dialects in literary activities.

Members of the Executive Office, also spoke about ways to develop work in cultural fields and contribute to their activation.

In his intervention, journalist and researcher Deeb Ali Hassan underlined the need to pay attention to the classical Arabic language, especially through cultural institutions and platforms.

Inas Abdulkareem