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(Syria from Military Victory to Societal Reconstruction) by Moroccan politician Ali Boutouala

The spokesman for the Arab Progressive Front, Dr. Ali Boutwala, described Syria's steadfastness and victory over the multi-state and multi-national aggression as a historic achievement. 

In an article entitled “Syria from the military victory over the international coalition to societal reconstruction,” Dr. Boutwala stated that the US administration has resorted to escalating the economic war against Syria. 

Dr. Boutwala stressed that the Syrian leadership, just as it succeeded in managing the war with skill and intelligence, will succeed in pulling the country out of destruction by adopting economic intelligence.

Dr. Boutwala's article came within a series of articles included in the book (The Leader Al-Assad Honorable Pages from the History of Resilience) issued by the Syrian Book Organization as a scientific research paper through which it presents a number of objective questions. 

The paper dealt with the election of President Bashar Al-Assad as President of the Syrian Arab Republic in 2000 amid difficult circumstances and his confrontation with the American plans that affected Syria and the region from the new Middle East plan, the Deal of the Century and the Caesar Act. 

Dr. Boutwala addressed the challenges of societal construction and the need for economic intelligence. 

Dr. Boutwala pointed out that the consolidation of trust between the state and the citizens begins with the ability of the national economy to meet their basic needs and ensure work and professional and social stability. 

Dr. Boutwala stressed that there is great hope for Syria's victory in the economic war it is facing, which represents an extension of the military battles. 

It is noteworthy that Dr. Ali Boutouala was born in Morocco in 1956, holds a doctorate in economic sciences, specializing in economic policies, and he is a researcher and writer in socialist thought and economic policies, and an official spokesman for the Arab Progressive Front since 2019 and Secretary-General of the Moroccan Social Democratic Vanguard Party.


O. al-Mohammad