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"President Al-Assad Honorable Chapters from the History of Steadfastness" by Lebanese politician Najah Wakim

Damascus (ST): Head of the Lebanese Political People's Movement, Najah Wakim, considers that over the past  twenty years, the fiercest political battles have been taking place in the region, during which Syria was like a Stalingrad of this war.

Wakim sheds light, in an article he included in the book "President Al-Assad, Honorable Chapters from the History of Steadfastness," on a stormy era in Syria's current history, the key events that have taken place in the Arab region from 2000 until today, and the steadfast Syrian position regarding  the Palestine question and the right of return.


In the article titled “President Bashar al-Assad, the Stage and the Man,” Wakim deals with what was called the “Arab Spring,” indicating that there are forces that motivated it internally, most notably the “Muslim Brotherhood” terrorist group that received Western and Arab support, while the United States was on the top of foreign powers that supported the  so-called Arab Spring.

Wakim said  that the armed terrorist organizations were among the most important tools used by decision-making centers in America, as they sought to provide all forms of financial and armed support, whether through the Zionist occupation entity, the Turkish regime, or Arab regimes against Syria.

Wakim pointed out that the Americans wanted to exploit the events of the so-called “Arab Spring” with the aim of changing the ruling systems in the Arab countries and tightening American control over them. In Syria, the goal was to overthrow the state and they prepared for that and provided it with all the requirements for implementation.

Wakim points out that the American plans are directed towards implementing Washington’s strategy to establish a new unipolar world order under its leadership, whereby the Greater Middle East occupies the cornerstone within this system by dismantling the entities of the "Arab Mashreq" and redrawing its geography according to sectarian and ethnic orientations and eliminating  pan-Arab identity, ideology and project, and this creates the appropriate environment for the Israeli occupation to be the regional pillar of this American colonial scheme, stressing that Syria's steadfastness in the face of the global war against it protected the region and its identity against what is being hatched by the United States and the West.

Wakim relayed a recent conversation between a Lebanese figure and an ambassador for a NATO country in March 2016, in which the ambassador expressed  astonishment at the steadfastness of Syria and its people in the face of this terrorist war, for which all the capabilities that are sufficient to topple one of the major countries were used.

Wakim concludes his article by saying, "A new dawn for the Arab nation is emerging from Syria,  and from Syria a man who deserves all respect, appreciation and confidence, has appeared on the rubble of the rotten Arab regimes, noting that President Bashar Al-Assad managed the conflict with courage, composure and dedication.

It is noteworthy that the book "President Al-Assad Honorable Chapters from the History of Steadfastness", issued by the Syrian General Book Authority, included articles by 28 Syrian, Palestinian, Jordanian, Lebanese, Egyptian, Tunisian and Moroccan personalities.