“ A Global Anthology of Short Stories “ Translation issued by Syrian General Organization of Books

Within the framework of the National Translation Project 2021 launched by the ministry of culture , the Syrian General Organization  of Books has recently issued a translation of  “ A Global Anthology of Short Stories”  by  more than 40 prominent authors representing  many countries and different literary schools.  

These stories deal  with a variety of topics  and represent various literary styles  including the gothic,  classic ,  mysterious, social and to some extent terrifying. Some of  these stories,  which are almost as close as mini-movies, have dominant in them the suspense element that attracts the reader without feeling bored so  he lives  the events  moment by moment.

The selection 's stories included “A Mother's Tale” by American critic, author and screenwriter James Ige, “Augustus” by the German poet and novelist and Nobel Prize winner Hermann Hesse, “Footprints on Snow”  by Italian novelist  Mario Soldati, “Anatomist” by French poet and novelist Petros Borrell and “The Bamboo Trap” by Irish writer Robert S. Lemon and others. 

The full translation of these global  short stories  from English and from several languages into Arabic was provided by the Syrian translator, Farid Eskandar, a graduate of Damascus University, Department of English, in an interesting narrative style that does not lack the pleasure of the reader.  

The translator Eskandar  is interested in translating the short story in particular and publishing it in Syrian and Arab periodicals. He has also published a number of translated works.   

The  592- large page collection  was included in the Global Story category of the National Translation Project issued by the Syrian General Organization of Books .  

Rawaa Ghanam