“Syria in the Confrontation of the Terrorist War” a book documenting the steadfastness of the Syrians

In his book “Syria in the Confrontation of the Terrorist War”, Syrian writer and researcher Nabeel Fouzat Noufal documents the steadfastness of the Syrian people and leadership in the face of the most heinous war ever waged on a country.

The 242-page book highlights the importance of leading intellectuals in an honest and patriotic manner addressing the issues and crises facing their societies, away from personal interests.

Noufal’s book explains the causes and nature of the war on Syria and the forces that have participated in the aggression on the country, represented by the United States, the Zionist entity, the Turkish regime and others countries as well as by terrorist takfiri forces and mercenaries. It also clarifies the role of some European countries in fueling this war.

The book also documented Syria’s confrontation of terrorism and the support provided to Syria by its allies such as Russia, Iran, the Lebanese National Resistance and some national forces with aim of fighting terrorism.

 In his book, Noufal proposed ways to support the Syrian Arab Army to achieve more victories over terrorism and its supporters.

Hamda Mustafa