Syria in Confrontation of the Global War" published in Persian

Tehran (ST): The Cultural and Artistic Institute affiliated to the Documentation Center of the Islamic Republic of Iran held a celebration for publishing the Persian copy of a book titled "Syria in Confrontation of the Global War".

Written by a group of Arab writers and intellectuals and supervised by vice president Dr. Najah al-Attar, the book authentically documents an important and critical stage in the in the history of Syria and the Arab region as a whole. The book casts light on the unfair terrorist war that aimed at killing  Syrians, displacing them, destroying their country and ending the resistance axis in service of the Zionist entity and foreign hegemony plans on the region.

In his speech, Syria's ambassador to Tehran Dr. Shafiq Dayyoub said that thanks to the steadfastness of its leadership, the sacrifices offered by its people and army and the support of its allies and friends, Syria has been able to pass the most difficult stage and restore security and stability to most areas, noting that Syria, in cooperation with its allies, is pressing ahead to achieve final victory and liberate all its territories from terrorism.

He added that translating the book into Persian ensures an opportunity for Iranian people to get to know  some sides of the unfair global war launched against Syrian people and the great sacrifices offered by the axis of the resistance and the Russian friends in confrontation of the takfiri terrorist forces.

In turn, President of the Documentation Center of the Islamic Revolution Mustafa Bor Mohammadi reviewed the great victories realized by Syria against terrorism stressing that they serve the security and stability in the region, indicating his country's willingness to continue cooperation with Syria in all domains.

During his meeting with Mohammadi held on the sidelines of the event, ambassador Dayyoub affirmed the necessity of preserving the distinguished strategic relations between the two sides and enhancing them in all domains to face the unilateral coercive measures imposed on Syria and foil enemies' sinister plans.