A new book highlights media’s role in spreading terrorism

The new  book  entitled  “ Extremism and Propaganda in the Syrian War”  recently released by researcher Dr. Mazen Khaddour  focused  on the role of  media  during the war on Syria in  spreading the  phenomenon of extremism with the aim of using it  as a weapon against  Syrians.

Dr. Khaddour told  SANA,  during  the signing  ceremony held at  “Sheraton”  Hotel in Aleppo,  that the book’s chapters  focused on  the academic and theoretical research  in addition to field research that dealt  with analyzing the content of a number  of satellite channels. The book   concluded  with a set of results, the most important of which is the great role  played by propaganda  in spreading  extremism  during  the war  waged against  Syria.


In turn the  writer, researcher and political analyst Zakaria Shahoud drew attention to  the  repercussions  of  the nine-year brutal war at all levels.  

He indicated  that the writer  reviewed  in his book  many future issues, the most important of which is media ‘s role in spreading extremism  thus contributing to bringing-up  a  generation which adopts the policy of  killing and terrorism that   necessitates  fortifying society with moral and patriotic values.

According to  Dr. Hussam Eddin  Khalasi, Head of the General Secretariat for National Constants in Syria, the book  is a very valuable work, as it is considered the first of its kind due to its reliance on the emotional state of readers .

He underlined  that the writer supported his book with scientific evidence and a statistical study documented in an objective and solid manner to be  one of the Syrian youths’ achievements to refute the allegations against Syria.

On his part, Lawyer Najdat Afash, Head of the Bar Association branch in Aleppo Dr. Mazen Khaddour’s book formed a basic pillar to confront extremism   through documenting a number of cases.

He underlined that the book highlighted the role of  satellite channels  in  supporting  the war on Syria , inciting   extremism, killing and slaughter and broadcasting  hostile  ideas totally  contradictory to   the Syrian society.


Rawaa Ghanam