Suleyman Haddad signs his part II-Biography

Former Assistant Foreign Minister and Ambassador Suleyman Haddad signed the second part of his diary 'Paths Paved with Pain ’ at Abu Rummana Culture Center in Damascus on December 12.



Ambassador Haddad narrates his life story in a 619-page book using literary prose and artistic description of his diplomatic mandate and work as military attaché from 1967-1984 in Cyprus and Ambassador to Germany and the Scandinavian countries from 1987 to 1997 pre and post  the unity of Germany.

During his word, Mr. Haddad said: “I want to start my word by referring to the ongoing crisis in the country. This crisis strengthens the citizens’ ties with their homeland. Many countries in the world passed through such crisis and we will pass through this crisis with our belief in love and brotherhood ."

I want to narrate my life’s experience in this autobiography  in all honesty and not as a novel. This dairy is a mirror of my life,” Haddad said.

Haddad spoke about the critical times and the coup in Cyprus when the Cypriot  president  Archbishop Makarious  the third and other officials went to Haddad’s house seeking refuge from the Greek Junta.

Suleyman Haddad is the real link between Cyprus and Syria- a man who lives in both countries. I am 90 years, I bow in honor, respect and love for my friend and brother Suleyman Haddad,” Vassos Lyssardes, President of the Social Democratic Party of Cyprus (EDEK) wrote in the introduction of the book.

Haddad spoke about his service as Syria’s Ambassador to Germany from 1987 to 1997.

Before I headed to Germany, I met with the late President Hafiz Al-Assad who gave his directives and mandate more than an ambassador’s authorities. It is a diplomatic understanding that when an ambassador arrives for the first time to the country he is posted  to  the expatriates and other diplomats from the diplomatic corps meet him at the airport . My plane landed in Germany and only one Syrian met me and the Sudanese ambassador welcomed me. There was a division in the Syrian community in Germany.

I worked hard to build the best embassy in the world in Bonn, a city in west Germany straddling the Rhine River. The Syrian Embassy was built with Syrian design and stones and even workers came from Syria to build it. The Mayor of Bonn said this Embassy is an ideal representation of the art of architecture and it has decorated the city of Bonn,” Haddad said.  Former Minister of Education Dr. Mahmoud al-Sayyed in his word commenting on the autobiography, said:

In 1964, I applied for  a scholarship but it was hard to go because the then ministry of education refused to send a post-graduate student to Egypt to study literary studies .The minister wanted only to send students with a scientific background . I heard that there are two officers, officer Suleyman Haddad and officer Hafiz Al-Assad who  like to help people.Sadly I was unable to meet them then."  Dr. Mahmoud al-Sayyed said.

Suleyman Haddad has a good reputation since March 8, 1963 when he read the First Communique of the March Revolution. Haddad was a good example of a professional figure during his service in the Army, Military attaché to Cyprus, Ambassador to Germany, the Head of Western Europe Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and other works,” Dr. Mahmoud al-Sayyed added.

The title of the biography is ‘Paths Paved with Pain’. Yes, immense suffering  makes great men. Haddad’s paths were paved with joy and love among Syrians in Cyprus and Germany,” Dr. Mahmoud al-Sayyed said.

Former Chairman of Syrian Journalists Union and former MP , Dr. Sabir Falhoutt said:

The first time I heard the voice of Suleyman Haddad was when he read the First Communique  of the March Revolution. I was then  at Aleppo Radio. Suleyman Haddad was a diplomatic figure and tried to settle the problems among Ba’athists after the March Revolution.”

I worked closely with Haddad during our service in the People Assembly (Parliament) for many sessions. During the breaks for coffee, he was meeting with people and communicating with officials to help and solve their problems ,” Dr. Sabir Falhoutt said.

Former General Director of Syrian Television and editor-in-Chief of Al-Thawars Daily, Fayzal-Saegh said:

Suleyman Haddad presents the wisdom of life more than a biography. He narrates the life of a soldier, officer, diplomat and political Ba’athist who believes in the unity of Arab world in these hard times.

I hope that Abu Reem (Suleyman Haddad) will write part III of his biography to evaluate the Ba’athist experience in the country,” Fayzal-Saegh said.

Retired officer and a member in the Arab Writers Union, Dr. Jaber Suleman made a review of the biography book’s chapters with a good attractive Arabic language.

After the speakers finished their words, photos were taken with Ambassador  Haddad with speakers and some participants.

AmbassadorHaddad presented signed copies of the biography to participants who were very keen to take their copies.



Written by Obaida Hamad and Inas Abdulkareem

Photos by Obaida Hamad