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Omar Abu Risha, Hanna Minh and Sami Al-Droubi Literary Prize for 2020

The Syrian General Book Commission announced two days ago, the results of its literary prizes for 2020, which include Omar Abu Risha Prize for poetry, Hanna Minh Prize for the novel, and Sami Al-Droubi Prize for translation, short story and painting Awards for children. All prizes were titled after legendary names that have formulated Syrian literature through their remarkable literary works that articulate Syrian cultural richness.  

The poet Ibrahim Mansour won the first place in the Omar Abu Risha prize for his poem Sarair al-Ashq (Innuendos of Admiration), while the second prize went to Firas Meithawi for his poem: The Damascene HymnGhadeer Ismail won the third position for his poem "what wasn't recorded in the affiliation roster". While the award secretariat stressedr the importance of some unlucky poems that didn't got prizes like:  "Homeland Humming" by Ismail Rakab and "Khawla" by Sami Solomon and "Dance to the other side" by Majd Abraham.

As for Hanna Minh Prize for Novel, the first prize went to Rasheeq Suleiman for his novel "An Oleander Autumn", whereas the second place went to Gerges Hourani for his novel "Bastet". The third place was rewarded to Bouran Arbash for her novel: "Scrambled Love", whom Syriatimes will interview on the sidelines of the honoring ceremony to talk about her second novel; that will be held within the activities of (Days of the Ministry of Culture) at 12:00 pm next Tuesday in the Al-Assad National Library.

Sami Al-Droubi Award for Translation first place went to the eminent translator, Dr. Muhammad Arab Saisila, for his translated work "A State of Law and Politics". Dr. Nizar Issawon the second prize for his book "The Orientalist"Whereas, the third place was equally shared by the following translated works: "Political Economy" Dr. Adnan Hassan, and "Cupidonwith Cardboard Wings" by Chantal Gerges.

Whereas, in the short list of Children Prizes:, first place was awarded to Iman Bazarbashi for her story "the butterfly", the second to Daoud Al-Fareej for the story " football dreams", and the third to Muhammad Qashmar for the story: "The New Covid"As for the Painting Prize for children: Najla al-Dayafirst, Marah Ta'amri second, and Aya Hammoud third.

The Syrian General Book Commission Director, Dr. ThaarZeneldin spell out that all prizes will be distributed in a distinctive ceremony at Al-Assad National Library, in the attendance of the Minister of Culture, Dr. Lubana Mashaweh. He also added that the prizes have been made to encourage young writers to compose more creative writing, exploding their creative energies

Literature in any genre, at a wartime where events and stories are intense in deepness as well as in number, plays a vital role in defining and outlining this dark period. All great stories throughout history have being narrating war stories, back to the epics of the  Iliad and Odyssey, to Othello by Shakespeare, reaching Gone by the Wind and the unforgettable Peace and Warof Leo Tolstoy. Syrians have a lot to tell about their misfortunes at wartime, and equally their fortunes as being talented creative storytellers.

Report: Lama Alhassanieh