Stories by talented children and senior writers in new releases of the Book Authority

DAMASCUS,(ST)- The Publications Directorate of the Syrian Public Authority for Books issued a collection of various stories within "Our Children" series, some of which were written by talented children and others by senior writers. These stories participated in developing the aesthetic sense of the young as well as  encouraging educational and human values within themselves.

In the story of "Lana's Secret" for the two children, Yaqoub Darwish and  Zain Al Yamani, we see a beautiful method in making young people love the kindergarten, through the story of "Lana", the kindergarten had become the secret of her happiness and activity.


As for the story of “The Adventures of the Skeleton” written by Ammar Afadli, and the drawings by Ward Karjousli, we read an educational value about the importance of the child keeping his toys and not throwing or breaking them.

The writer Muhammad Qashmar and artist Qahtan Al-Tala'a will explain to children in the "Dream of Nature" story,  a group of natural phenomena in an interesting and easy-to-understand story-telling style. Whereas the story of the writer Samer Al-Shamali “When the robot felt isolated” drawn by Rana Koueider, told a fictional story about  the life of a robot where routine and boredom dominated his life so it asked a young boy's help who gave him nice and entertaining ideas.

The writer, Mowaffaq Abu Touq, focused in his story, "arrogant fly", drawn by artist Ramiz Hajj Hussein, on the value of humility in people's lives, the consequence of vanity, and the importance of helping others.

The theater had its share in the publications of the Book Authority. In a play by Seraj Jawad and artist Hussam Wahb’s, entitled “The Trial of Harf al-Daad”, he concentrates on  the value of the Arabic language and its place among the peoples as t is distinguished by the letter Daad, which made it unique.

The translated stories also had a share in the child’s publications, so we find a story called “The Alternative”, translated by Muhammad Donia from Russian literature, the drawings by Sabah Kalla, that talks about the value of the diligence and hard work in human life.

There is also the story, "Why the crow is black" by Bliatovsky translated by the writer Dr. Tha'er Zaid Al-Din, which talks about the consequence of excess curiosity and interference in the lives of others.

It is mentioned that the Children's Publications Directorate at the Book Authority publishes monthly Osama magazine for adolescents since 1969, Osama monthly book and Shama magazine for children under seven years in addition to the two monthly children's library series in the story, drawing, colors and “figures and flags” all of which aim to educate the child and raise his awareness through information provided in an educational and cultural method.


Amal Farhat