Washington's Long War on Syria:

The Syrian Arab Book Agency recently published a book titled " Washington's Long War on Syria" which casts light on the US direct aggression on Syria and the misleading media campaigns launched against Syria to distort facts and achieve colonialist objectives.

The writer said that the US put a propaganda campaign to mislead world public opinion and justify its wars in the Middle East claiming that its intervention in Syria, Iraq, Iran and Libya was to establish democracy and for humanitarian reasons.

The writer unveils that the US, its regional and Arab tools were behind the crisis in Syria in an attempt to destroy the secular and multi-party system in Syria. Another sinister objective, the writer said, aims to destroy the Syrian state and end the resistance axis in service of the US and Zionist colonialist objectives.

One chapter of the book casts light on the economic side of the war and the US attempts to plunder the oil and resources of Syria and Iraq. Unilateral coercive sanctions has been one of the weapons used illegitimately by the US and its allies to put more pressure on Syria, Iraq, Iran and Libya despite the fact that the UN admitted that these sanctions have been causing great suffering to the peoples of these countries.

In all cases, the writer said that the US intervention was not because democracy or humanitarian affairs, but to achieve certain political and economic objectives.

Written by Steven Guans and translated by Dr. Giyath Barakat, the book presents a ingenuous analysis of the US colonialist history.

Director of the General Syrian Arab Book Agency Dr. Tha'er Zein al-Din said that the book discloses the US conspiracies against Syria and the region.

The translator of the book Dr. Giyath Barakat said that the importance of the book lies in the fact that it deals with various stages of the Syrian crisis and the conspiratorial role played by the US, pointing out that this role started long before 2011.