Men under the mercy of women

An advice for women: "Do not treat your husband as if you're his mother". 

You can play the role of mother in three situations (illness, anger and anxiety). Don't accept being a mother to your partner, you can be a friendly and beloved partner because he has become mature and no longer needs a watchman.

In her book "Men under the mercy of women... The idea of self-development" which was issued by the Syrian General Book Authority, Dr. Naima Hassan points out in a mature view of social, emotional and human relationships that the life partner is an independent adult and can manage the affairs of his life by himself.

Dr. Hassan explains in her book that if the wife behaves as if she is the mother of a life partner, he will respond in one of two ways, either as a child or as a rebellious teenager.

Also she called on the female not to exaggerate in playing the role of the mother, because the husband will depend on her for everything like a child even in demonstrating the feelings of love.

So, stop doing the things that your husband must do, and this does not mean that you stop performing your duties as a partner and do not talk to him in the manner of the mother talking to her son…


Lama Razzouk