Book on September 11th and International Legitimacy

"The Problem of the International Legitimacy Reference , the UNSC Resolutions as a Sample" is a new book recently published by Dr. Hamzeh Abu Hassan.

The writer said that September 11th events constituted a new phase through which the US wanted to impose a unilateral approach with regard to UN Resolutions. The UN and its affiliated bodies were the place the US selected to dominate  the whole world and issue what it likes of UN resolutions that serve its regional and international interests  in the name of the international legitimacy.


Dr. Abu Hassan pointed out that September 11th constituted an additional move to advocate the US hegemony and deepen the principles of the uni-polar system based on the legitimacy of power instead of the power of legitimacy, stressing that a new trend appeared following these events represented by the legitimacy of the strongest to replace the international legitimacy and undermine the concept of justice.

One chapter of the book deals with the legal framework of the UN Security Council. The writer said that many of  the UNSC resolutions were politicized to serve the US economic and political interests.

The importance of the book, which was published by the Syrian General Book Commission, lies in the fact that it gives a detailed description of the impact of September 11th events on the UN and its resolutions in various domains.