The fifth volume of the Antiquities Encyclopedia issued by the Arab Encyclopedia

The Arabic Encyclopedia Body has recently released the fifth volume of the Encyclopedia of Antiquities in Syria in a distinctive formulation and content filled with research illustrated with tables, figures, drawings and color pictures.

This volume contains the sequence of the letter G and the beginning of the letter H according to the methodology used in the encyclopedia, which was prepared, written, reviewed, and checked by specialized academic researchers.

The volume includes titles and research dealing with ancient sites in Syria and in the Levant as well as providing a comprehensive introduction to each topic, accompanied by pictures, plans, and illustrative maps. The volume also introduces the pioneers of research on Syrian antiquities.

The encyclopedia is provided by a technical, administrative and linguistic staff under the supervision of Dr. Mahmoud Al-Sayyed, the Director General  of the Encyclopedia and Dr. Mahmoud Hammoud, head of the Antiquities Encyclopedia in Syria.


Amal Farhat