"Atham " (Sins) novel, is a creative work depicting the war and the suffering of the displaced

Damascus, ST- "Sins' is a novel written by the Syrian author Sohail al-Theeb. It is classified as "war literature" because it documents the life of the Syrians and their suffering as a result of the aggressive war against their homeland.

The Arab Cultural Center in "Al-Meedan" held a special critical seminar on this novel, during which the participants dealt with the human and social situations experienced by the characters of the novel. The writer Muhammad Al-Jafri explained that this work mixes reality with imagination.

It deals with the war that was launched against Syria and led to the displacement of the hero and his family from their town to Lebanon to experience repercussions of that war and their ability to face the difficulties of life.  But when  returning  to their country , they are  shocked by  the  great damage and  destruction caused  by terrorism .

Critic Hamid Al-Abed noted that the human discourse in the novel emphasizes the author's interest in humanity and the negatives of moving away from it, considering that “Sins” chronicled the unjust war against Syria and its repercussions on society in an unconventional manner.

The novelist Mohammed Ahmed Al-Taher indicated that the writer adopted a new language in dealing with events when he mixed reality with fiction, pointing out that the dialogue in the novel is characterized with an aesthetic philosophy in dealing with human feelings.

The director of the symposium, Kawkab Al-Ahmad, considered that the novel, "Atham", is a distinguished work that describes the terrorist war on Syria in a creative way through which the novelist managed to reach his goal in conveying the suffering of the displaced  to the reader.