The heroes of her stories are young ... Aqeela Muhammad is a new writer who pursues her way in children's literature

The stories of parents and grandparents have motivated the writer Aqeela Muhammad to achieve a dream  she had longed to reach  when conditions allowed her to issue her recent collection of stories for children . She wrote her stories with the utmost love and passion and her lines include simplicity, imagination and dreams

Writer Aqeela clarified that three years ago, her passion for writing began, but as soon as she took her first step, so many opportunities were available to her, the first of which was with Osama magazine, which used to be her  childhood  companion and had a great impact on her generation. Her happiness was great in every text the magazine agreed to publish.

 The author tried to develop her writing method by looking at the writings of the other authors and joining a storyboard writing course. At the beginning of the year she managed to  print her first collection of stories entitled (skiing on the rainbow)by  Dar Al-Manhal, which included six stories, most of her heroes are children; (The Night That I did not Grow up in), (My Name is Sally), (My Story with him) , (The Journey of Rain), (Rainbow skiing) and (Sarah's passion).

Aqeela indicated that the stories were drawn by the plastic artist Ramiz Al-Hajj Hussein and the artist Hussam Bursali. The number of pages in each story differs from the other story, according to age  category ,confirming that writing for  children is one of the most difficult types of writing because it is considered a process of building, restoring the child’s personality and instilling noble values in himself.

She went on to say: "The subconscious of a child,  stores the values and information he has read and learned from a story and accumulates with the repeated readings to draw the features of his future personality, pointing out that while she is writing for children, she tries to make her language easy, and also to add new vocabulary to them, , so they can add this  vocabulary to their own  dictionary.

The writer has two novels in print, along with six other stories for children, including (The Angry Jirlo) and (He who Lost The Thing Gives It).

Amal Farhat