"The Roses' lover"… First Publication of a Blind Poet

The female, with her splendor, vigor and narcissistic tendency, has topped the texts of the first collection of the blind poet Mazen Al-Kurdi.

Al-Kurdi poem collection, which he signed at the Cultural Center in Homs in the presence of a crowd of writers and those interested in cultural affairs, included forty-five poems adopting prose style with sentences ending with one letter, which gave the poems a musical rhythm with metaphors that Al-Kurdi had imagined with his insight and emotions turning these poems into artistic images full of beauty and creativity.

The talented poet explained that "The Roses lover" which is a symbol of the female with all the meanings of giving, love and hope is but a summary of his experience, each poem recounts the story of a woman that had passed through his life, as the mother, the wife, the beloved, and the motherland.


Al- Kurdi pointed out that he wanted to confirm through his collection, which was encouraged by many as a unique experience, that blindness could be considered as an inner force through which he can draw his words and translate his feelings into poetry, music and other endless creations.

The poet, Rehab Ramadan, found in the collection an approach of the personality and its infinite dimensions in the humankind, while the critic Sri Kalu saw the collection as a return to the time of the lost love, noting the sensual images, strong expressions, and expressive language, especially with the poem “Blind in wartime” in which he describes the mother and the wounds of Syria his motherland.

The researcher, Rajab Deeb and novelist Abdul Ghani Mallouk praised Al-Kurdi poetic experience, which encourages young writers with disabilities like him to follow the path of creativity in various types of literary arts.

Amal Farhat