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A book that documents history and heritage of the Syrian city of Qara

In his book "History and Heritage of Qara City", recently published by the Syrian General Organization of Books, Syrian writer Abd al-Rahman Mahmoud Haider presents valuable information about an important aspect of the city's history, heritage and environment. 

The writer divided his 366-page book into nine chapters. The first includes a historical and archeological review on the city. It mentions the archaeological places of Qara, such as the Roman canals, the city's bath and the Cave of Sofia, while the second chapter talks about the city's natural geography, climate, water, farms, home water wells and irrigation and drinking water projects.

The third chapter is devoted to old houses, lifestyles, immigration, transportation and the health situation in the city, while in chapter four, the writer talks about local food industries, types of agricultural production, investment methods and the most popular dishes in the city.

In the fifth chapter, readers find out about education in Qara in the past and present, including the teachers and the methods of teaching. The writer focuses in the sixth chapter on the city's popular poetry and most famous writers and poets and he presents some of their writings and biographies. Chapter seven is devoted to oral narrations, popular proverbs, games and some tales.

In the eighth chapter, the writer talks about engagement and marriage traditions as well as the specialty of the folk weddings in Qara. He also talks about the traditions of feasts and funerals. In the last chapter, the author sheds light on the old and new neighborhoods in the city, the guidance service unit and the agricultural society.

Writer Abd al-Rahman Mahmoud Haider was born in the city of Qara in 1940. He graduated from Damascus University- Department of Arabic Language. He is a member of the Arab writers Union. He wrote Children's poetry and he has sixteen printed poetry collections.


Hamsa Zughib