2000 literary, scientific and social publications within a book exhibition at Al-Baath University

Homs, ST- More than 2000 diverse books were included in the book exhibition  that was opened  recently in the hall of the College of Science at Al-Baath University with the participation of "Dar Al-Huda" for publication. The exhibition forms an opportunity for students to research  various books due to the diversity of  displayed publications, which included scientific, literary, cultural and social books, as well as references that interest students from various specializations.

Kabi Ibrahim, head of the Culture and Information Office at the Student Union Branch at the University told SANA that these exhibitions come in response to the students ’need to obtain books and references that are of interest to their specialties and at reasonable prices for them, pointing out that the exhibition included all kinds of books that students need in their study. This, in turn, contributes to activate the "reading process" for the younger generation, who unfortunately have moved away from reading in light of the rapid access to information via the internet.

In turn, Tarfa Abdul Rahman, director of Al-Hoda House for Printing and Publishing, indicated that their participation in such exhibitions at Al-Baath University has become a periodical activity that consolidates the existing cooperation between the university and publishing houses in general to provide new publications of   books and references that interest students and teachers alike.

Student Aghiad Junaid pointed out that the exhibition constitutes a wide space for the student to obtain cultural, medical, social and philosophical books that interest him, considering that books are the most reliable reference for him, as he finds the real information in an atmosphere of pleasure and benefit.

In turn, student, Dima Abdel-Hay, who likes to read non Arabic  and Arabic novels,  confirmed that she used to visit all book exhibitions at the university because it saves time and effort especially that the prices of books in these galleries are often suitable for us as students,  in addition to the availability of all the required university references.