Book Fair in the eyes of Syrian and Arab writers

Scores of prominent Syrian and Arab writers took part in the 31st book fair recently concluded at al-Assad Library. They expressed admiration of the various artistic and cultural activities held during the event and highlighted its role in reviving the Arab culture and boosting its role in the life of Arab citizens.

Secretary of the Artists' Union actor Zoheir Ramadan said that the fair was very important to show the ability of the Syrian people to overcome the crisis and confront cultural invasion.

Writer Falak Husariya said that what distinguished the fair was the great interest accorded to children's literature as objective children's writings are considered immunity to children, especially in confrontation of the adverse impact of the internet on children's culture and personality. She highly evaluated the symposiums and activities held on children literature.

Lebanese poet Ghassan Matar said that Arab writers are grateful to Syria for holding such great events to show their literary production and strengthen their presence at the cultural arena.    

Dr. Nabeel Touma, Director General of the Al-Sharq Literary Foundation said that the recent book fair highlighted the crucial role played by Syrian writers and intellectuals in foiling the conspiracy and confronting the takfiri terrorist thought. He added that the high turnout of Arab and foreign visitors is considered recognition of Syria's great and genuine cultural role.  

Dr. Hussein Ragheb, Director General  of  al-Sha'ab House for Printing and Publishing, said that the event was held at the end of Syria's war against terrorism, referring to the great role played by culture in the post-war stage and in the process of reconstruction.

Researcher Rabee'  Zahr Eddin, head of the National Centre for Research and Studies, referred to the low prices of books during the fair as part of the initiative adopted by the Ministry of Culture to encourage readers and raise their awareness to confront the project of cultural invasion.