A Tour in Book Fair at al-Assad National library

On September 12, Under the patronage of President Bashar al-Assad, Vice-President Najah al-Attar inaugurated the 31st Book Fair at al-Assad National library.

In addition to Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, Oman, Iran, Russia, Indonesia and other countries participated in the 10-day Fair.


The Republic of Indonesia’s Embassy in Damascus

The Russian Culture Center in Damascus

The Iranian Cultural Chancellery in Damascus

Mahdi Omarani, who has worked for more than two decades at the Iranian Cultural Chancellery in Damascus, said to Syria Times: “Many visitors come to our book pavilion looking for children’s books and Dr. Ali Shariati’s books.”

About 235 publishing houses, 150 ones from Syria, presented approximately 50.000 titles.

The Islamic religious publishers presented their traditional and new titles in the Fair’s pavilions.

The Al-Mustafa International University- Imam Khomeini’s Houza (religious academy) in Syria

Irshad (Guidance) Publishing House in Syria

The Fair witnessed many activities, cinema shows and celebrations for signing nearly 400 books.

The Syrian television and radio stations hosted a number of intellectuals, writers and poets in live- televised talk shows.

Many Syrian and non-Syrian publishing houses presented a wide variety of children’s books, colored-fairy tales and mind games.

After hours of touring among the Fair’s pavilions, people take a rest and have a chat with their family’s members and friends before returning to their homes.


Reported by: Obaida Hamad/ Inas Abdulkareem

Photos by: Obaida Hamad