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Two books by the authors Adel Mahmoud and Rita al-Hakim mix many creative genres in the book fair

In the activities of the last day of the book fair at Al- Assad National Library, Adel Mahmoud and Rita al-Hakim signed two books about the war in Syria by offering a mixture of many literary genres.

Mahmoud's book entitled" the betrayal of the impossible"- Kheyanat al-Mostaheel- includes different types of literary texts that reflect human sufferings such as fear, oppression and sadness. He also described the great suffering of the Syrian people as a result of the terrorist war that was launched on the country, adopting the combination of multiple genres like thoughts and poetry.

Rita al-Hakim book's entitled "Death is elegant when standing in front of the camera" that includes many texts talk about women and their dreams of another beautiful world. The writer also focused on the Syrian woman suffering during the war and how strong she was in facing the problems and obstacles of society throughout the difficult years of the war.