The Open War

Syrian writer Dr. Nadia Khoust has recently published her new book under the title of "The Open War ". The book, which was dedicated to the fighters of the Syrian army, the Lebanese resistance, Iran and Russia, reviews the impact of the unfair war launched against Syria, highlighting the role played by culture and intellectuals in defending the homeland and people.

Dr. Khoust deals with Syrian culture, the future of the Arab culture and the role of culture and education in confronting

Terrorism as intellectuals play a crucial role in raising the awareness of people towards their causes. 

One chapter of the book was devoted to deal with the culture of diversity in Syrian society. The writer said that the peaceful co-existence of all spectra of Syrian society was one of the main factors that strengthened the Syrian steadfastness in confrontation of the global war launched against the country. 

In another chapter, the writer focuses on the political and military war launched against Syria to achieve colonialist objectives, highlighting the role of Syrian people in foiling the conspiracy through rallying behind the Syrian army and leadership.

Dr. Khoust also discusses the question of terrorism in the name of democracy, pointing out that the US and its allies have been taking democracy and human rights as a pretext to achieve sinister economic and political objectives.

The book also tackles the media war against Syria, especially through some satellite channels that were used to mislead the world public opinion towards the reality of what is going on in Syria. Dr. Khoust said that the media war started before the military war with the aim of destabilizing the firm principles of the Syrian states. She highlights the crucial role played by intellectuals and writers in the post-war era through consolidating the well-founded Syrian principles and resisting the extremist terrorist takfiri thought.

Reference should be made to the fact the Dr. Khoust has been one of the defenders of Old Damascus and its distinguished architectural design. Several books were written by Dr. Khoust with Damascus as the main theme. These include "Damascus the Memory of Man and Stone" and "Love in Bilad al-Sham"