The Dirty War on Syria

One of the most important books written on the war on Syria is titled "The Dirty War on Syria" by Australian writer Tim Anderson. The importance of the book lies in the fact that the writer managed to uncover the reality of what is going on in the country to the western public opinion and the sinister schemes adopted by the US and its allies to wage the terrorist war on Syria since 2011.

Anderson, who is a lecturer of political sciences at the University of Sydney, clarified the ways of cheating and lies through which Western powers fabricated to create a situation that contradicts events by misleading media campaigns. Anderson has written the best organized assessment of western lies and their refutation.

In the first chapter of the book, Anderson  views that the war on Syria was an episode in a series of the US plans to achieve for  what is called "New Middle East", to dominate the region with the aim of halting resistance against Israel and plundering the region's resources.

In the second chapter, the writer deals the war propaganda and the misleading media channels that distorted facts. The writer also casts light on the propaganda techniques of media channels and the network of human rights bodies and other international bodies which function as loudspeakers for the Washington's colonialist plans. A number of newer western NGOs such as the White Helmets have been established by the US specifically for the war on Syria. The main task given to the White Helmets group is disseminating false information about the situation in Syria. The White Helmets, who style themselves as a non-governmental organization, systematically release vast amounts of false information about Syria to serve the Western agenda in Syria.

One chapter of the book deals with the chemical fabrications which were mongered by the White Helmets to accuse the Syrian government and army of using Chemical weapons against its people. However, thorough verification of all information resulted in completely refuting false information about chemical attacks.

In another chapter, the writer explains the massacres which were designed and fabricated to influence UN Security Council consideration of military intervention in Syria as was the case with Libya.  Al- Houla massacre was used to achieve this sinister purpose. However, many witnesses blamed Farouq  terrorist group, who killed pro-government villagers and took over the area.

Anderson also tackles an important issue related to the attacks launched by terrorists against hospitals and healthcare centers and their relationship with the unfair western economic sanctions.  The attacks and the sanctions have caused great damage to Syrian citizen's health.

The writer also successfully discloses the relationship between the US and terrorist groups documenting the unlimited support offered by the US and its allies to terrorist groups operating in Syria.  The writer pointed out that whenever the Syrian army and its allies achieve victory against terrorism, the US interferes and launches aggressive attacks against the Syrian Arab army. For instance, the US has deliberately targeted the Syrian Arab army in Deir Ezzor to pave the way for Daesh terrorists in a step that indicates its support and sponsorship to the terrorist organizations.

The writer referred to the failure of the Western conspiracy against Syria, stressing that at a very high cost, Syria, its army and people, along with strong allies, have successfully resisted aggression and foiled the conspiracy.