"The Man Who Didn't Sign" a Book Documenting Important Era in Syria's History

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Al-Assad National Library on Saturday hosted a dialogue seminar on a book titled "The Man Who Didn't Sign" within the framework of the cultural activities held on the sidelines of the 31st Book Fair.

Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban, the Presidential Political and Media Advisor, and journalist Ghassan Bin Jiddo, the Chairman of the Board of al-Mayadeen Media Network, took part in the seminar and presented a review on the book which was signed by Dr. Shaaban at the end of the seminar.

 "The Man Who Didn't Sign" is originally a documentary produced by the Beirut-based al-Mayadeen TV.  The 12-part documentary, which sheds light on the history of Syria and the region over a period of 40 years, was presented on al-Mayadeen TV during 2018 and now it is published as a book.

According to SANA Arabic, Shaaban said that the documentary, which has become a book, focuses on the principled and firm stance of the late leader Hafez al-Assad on negotiations with the Israeli occupation entity to restore the occupied Syrian Golan.

The Inter-Arab relations, the American diplomacy and Camp David accord, the war in Lebanon, the beginning of the Lebanese national resistance, the Iraqi-Iranian war, the invasion of Kuwait, Madrid conference and the peace process , the collapse of the Soviet Union and Oslo accord and its repercussions on the Palestinian cause, are all topics dealt with in this book.  

She hailed the high level of professionalism and objectivity adopted by al-Maydeen TV in documenting the testimonies of witnesses.

 She talked about the huge responsibility any writer shoulders upon writing books that historically document a key and a critical era in his/her country.

She also noted the precision and objectivity which she adopts while writing books that document Syria's history because this work carries a massive responsibility towards the coming generations.

On his part, journalist Ghassan Bin Jiddo said that the documentary was achieved within a year. It documents a very important era of the Arab history since the Nakba until the passing away of President Hafez Al-Assad. It deals with the Arab-Zionist conflict from the Syrian gate as well as with developments in Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon.

According to Bin Jiddo, "The Man Who Didn't Sign" didn't document for a person, put for Syria's option that was adopted by the late leader and never given up.

He made it clear that the documentary doesn't only address the Syrians, it addresses all the Arabs and all freedom-loving peoples of the world to introduce to them facts about the stance of late leader Hafez Al-Assad on the peace process, about his adherence to his land and about his solid positions which amazed negotiators.

Bin Jiddo pointed out that the current Syrian experience in confronting the terrorist war is unique and a leading kind of experience as it proves to all that Syria is a state of institutions with deep-rooted national ideology as well with as strong army and distinguished diplomats.

Hamda Mustafa